Posted on 11/08/21

Breaking Bad Vehicles Go To Auction

Breaking Bad Vehicles Go To Auction

If you are a "Breaking Bad” fan, you already know what you will be doing Sunday night: watching the television and waiting for Walt to make his move. You should reconsider your life and watch " Breaking Bad" immediately.

ScreenBid will auction off 10 vehicles from the series, along with a few other identifiable props, on Sunday September 29th. Did you remember the Hazmat suits Walt and Jesse used to 'cook? Walt wore white shorts all the time, which he wore freely. These will also be up for auction. We are more interested in the vehicles being sold off because Move Car is the preferred autotransporter for the RK Motors Collection Car Auction at the beginning of November.

What vehicles will ScreenBid sell-off at the show? And what are the asking prices?

Jesse's Toyota Tercel-Starting Bid: $5,500

Jesse did not have the most impressive car on the show. That's quite clear. This cute little car, however, seems to be full of personality. It is Jesse Pinkman's. It is also the car that was used in the show. Jesse was quite a mess on the show and his car seemed to be a good match. It's worth $5,500? We aren't so sure.

Skylar's Jeep -- Starting Bid $7,125

Although some might argue that this vehicle isn’t as cool as Jesse’s Tercel, it’s still pretty amazing. What was the last time you saw "woodie Jeep"? It's actually a 1991 Jeep Grand Wagoneer. But "Breaking Bad” fans simply know it as Walter's vehicle, Skylar. Although she was not without her ups and downs, it is clear that she drove a very cool car. ScreenBid says that the Jeep's paint bubbles and leaks oil but that it is otherwise in good condition.

Walt's Aztek - Starting Bid: $1,000

It may seem odd that the most well-known vehicle in the series is also one of the lowest priced on the auction block. But there are good reasons for it. This is the third of three Azteks that were used in the series. ScreenBid also states that the vehicle requires a lot more work. Although it may be true, Walter White still owns the car. That's apparently worth $1,000.

Tod's El Camino: $2,150

If you asked any "Breaking Bad," fan, the answer would be "Todd." He is a creepy character and has no emotions. However, he does own a nice car. It is a 1978 Chevrolet El Camino. The auction indicates that it has some hood damage.

Marie's Car – Starting at $10,000

Marie, Skylar's older sister, is the car with the highest auction price. It is listed as having no defects or damages, so it could sell for a little more than the asking price.

Other vehicles that will be up for auction are Andrea's Oldsmobile and Badger's Pontiac Fiero. Jack's vehicle and the "Vamanos Truck", which Walt uses to cook with Jesse at his pest control company. The bidding for the "Breaking Bad” cars will open on Sunday, September 29th, the same day as the series finale. It will remain open for eight days.

We are curious as to how much these vehicles sell for. We would be shocked if they sell for more than $10,000

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