Posted on 01/21/22

What You Need To Know About Auction Car Shipping Services

What You Need To Know About Auction Car Shipping Services

Do you want to auction cars shipping? As it stands now, the coronavirus won't be going anywhere. We have discussed the impact of the pandemic on the auto shipping industry previously, and it seems safe to say that these are the conditions under which we will continue to operate for some time.

While the country is opening up again, the question is: how long? Many people are shifting to online shopping for cars and other goods due to the coronavirus.

Online auctions have become more popular for those looking to buy a vehicle. You will need auction car shipping services if you plan to buy cars at auctions. This is what we are referring to today.

We will discuss the best online auto auctions, the things you can expect from them, and how Move Car can help you get the most from your auction car shipping services.

Overview of Copart

The most used and popular of all the major online auto auctions is Copart. They offer many photos of each vehicle and are easy to access. There are over 200 locations across 47 states, as well as a presence in Canada.

This is why Copart auctions have become so popular. Copart has an additional system for license holders and businesses that allows them to access more vehicles.

This means that salvage depots and used car dealers have access to more cars than the general public. It is a popular choice for companies who are interested in buying cars online.

Copart auctions are the most common auctions we ship to. They are the dominant online auto auction and auction car transportation industry.

What can you expect from Copart?

Copart allows you to bid on multiple vehicles and tracks your vehicles via a dashboard. You can also create watchlists to keep track of vehicles that interest you.

It's a great way of ensuring you get exactly what you pay for. Each vehicle will be able to start as soon as it arrives at the auction. Vehicles can sometimes sit for quite a while so make sure you book shipment for Copart vehicles. They may be in running condition, but not actually running.

Copart is well-known among auto shippers. You will need to provide a booking number as well as a lot number in order to book your shipment. The lot number is the location of the vehicle and allows Copart to locate it quickly. The booking number proves that the vehicle was purchased by you.

Manheim - Overview

Much like Copart, Manheim is an auto auction company that has hundreds of locations across the country. Over 125 live online auction sites are used by Manheim, which registers around 8 million each year.

Manheim tends more to the business side of things, making it a great place for wholesale auto dealers to sell inventory. Manheim members can access thousands to thousands of vehicle auctions at any time.

Manheim makes it easy for wholesalers and used car dealers to locate inventory or move vehicles that aren't yet sold. This makes it easy for managers and owners of used car dealerships, to locate and move inventory.

Manheim - What can you expect?

Although Manheim's website is not as clean or accessible as Copart's, they offer public auctions. Individuals can find vehicles at very low prices, particularly if they are repossessed (one of Manheim's biggest markets), or if they have salvaged titles.

You will need a lot number as well as a buyer number, just like Copart. This will allow employees at auctions to quickly locate your vehicle and verify that you are the buyer. Manheim and Copart won't release a vehicle to carriers unless they have both these pieces of information.

Manheim requires you to be a member to search for inventory. This limits the number of people who can use the site. If you're already a member and want to purchase and ship a vehicle from an auction, Manheim or Copart are the best options. Both are a top choice.

Insurance Auto Auctions (IAA - Overview)

Insurance Auto Auctions (or IAA) is another big name in the auto auction industry. Customers can shop inventory and view all the auctions going on. IAA has more than 190 locations in the United States. Customers can view inventory from every location.

Potential buyers need to register first, just like with Manheim and Copart. After you have registered, you will be able to view inventory at the auctions currently in progress as well as past auctions.

IAA focuses heavily on recycling and dismantlers. These companies buy cars and then strip them down for parts. They also have public auctions for non-parts cars, which is great if you are looking for a brand new vehicle. They can also help you find a reliable international transport company and help overseas buyers.

What to Expect from Insurance Auto Auctions

IAA tends more to target those who are looking to sell vehicles, particularly dealers with unsold inventory. You can also get special deals if you donate vehicles to charity. IAA is the best option if you want to flip a car that you already own.

If your carrier will be going to a physical place to obtain it, then you'll need information from the auction. IAA is slightly different than Copart or Manheim in this regard. Talk to someone at the auction to make sure you have all the necessary paperwork.

These companies are all great. An auction is a great option if you are looking to purchase a car online at an affordable price and have it shipped to your home.

Auction Car Shipping Services – An Overview

It is important to remember that auction auto shipping services tend to be quite common. Most carriers find picking up vehicles at auctions easy, provided they have all the necessary information.

There are some that won't auction but the main auction sites are good pickup points for most carriers.

It should not be difficult to find freight carriers that are willing to transport freight via auctions, provided the shipping cost is reasonable. This assumes that the price is fair.

It is important that you have the lot number as well as the buyer number. This information must be given to your Auto Transport representative at the time of order. This information can lead to delays or even cancellations.

In recent months, there has been a huge backlog at major auction sites. It has caused long lines for shipping companies to load these vehicles. This can lead to delays in your shipping schedule.

Auction Car Shipping Services – How to Book

You will need to find a shipper if you are buying a car at auction. Although you can talk to the auction house about possible options, chances are that they will leave it up to you to decide.

We highly recommend calling us. We ship vehicles almost every day from all major auctions.

When you call, let us know that the vehicle is coming from an auction. Double-check your vehicle to make sure it is actually running. Vehicles can be left at auction for many weeks, or even months. This can make a vehicle that is running into a non-running one.

Ask the auctioneer if it is possible to make sure that it starts and drives. You should have extra cash in case it is not possible to get it moving. To get it moving, the carrier will need additional money.

Are you interested in shipping your vehicle? Move Car will provide you with a binding, free quote for shipping your vehicle. Fill out the free online quote request form to receive a binding price estimate.

We are also available by phone. Our agents are auto transportation experts. You can get advice and answers to your questions right over the telephone. Move Car can help you with any type of shipping need.