Posted on 06/01/22

Avoid These Mistakes When Shipping Cars From Hawaii To The Mainland

Avoid These Mistakes When Shipping Cars From Hawaii To The Mainland

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places in the world, but it's also an island so it's difficult to get around. Many Hawaii residents need their cars shipped to the mainland. They rely on reliable auto transport companies for help. You need to research if you are looking to ship a car or truck, an SUV, or motorcycle from Hawaii to California. This guide will help you avoid the most common mistakes when shipping cars to Hawaii from California, or anywhere else on the mainland.

Tips for Shipping Cars from Hawaii to The Mainland

  1. Do not choose an unqualified auto transport company.  Quality is important as many other things in life. When shipping cars from Hawaii, to the Mainland, you need to work with a Hawaii car transport company that has the network, experience, and know-how to handle this complicated service. When choosing a Hawaii car shipping company, consider the following:
    1. Experience with shipping vehicles from Hawaii to the mainland over many years of business
    2. All Hawaii car shipping services include comprehensive insurance
    3. Positive rating with the Better Business Bureau, damage-free guarantee, and positive customer reviews online or testimonials
    4. A knowledgeable customer service team is available online and by telephone even after hours.
  2. Do not forget to get all the documentation you require. Certain documentation will be required for your vehicle to leave Hawaii and travel to the mainland. You don't want to leave it too late or your Hawaii car shipping may be delayed. You may need additional documents depending on the auto transport service, but these are the most important.
  3. Do not go to the wrong place. If they do, it will likely cost you significantly more to ship cars to Hawaii Mainland. You should make sure you get to Hawaii's main car shipping locations. These include Hilo, Hawai'i (Honolulu and O'ahu), Kahului, and Maui. Kawaihae. Kaua'i. You may have different options depending on the capabilities of your Hawaii car shipping partner. Ask about the impact these options might have on your car shipping cost.

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