Posted on 05/30/22

Autonomous Vehicles Are The Future Of Car Hauling

Autonomous Vehicles Are The Future Of Car Hauling

Self-driving cars seemed a distant dream not so long ago. It was something that could only be imagined in science fiction movies and books. However, autonomous cars are now a reality.

Since 2014, self-driving cars are mainstream. Tesla introduced Autosteer and Autopark features to their vehicles. Although self-driving cars have been around for a while, AI technology has made them more practical, efficient, and safer.

Many big-name companies, such as Uber have already started to use self-driving car technology. Companies are using this advanced tech to their advantage. The technology could be the future of car hauling and other industries, for good or ill. We'll take a look at the future and talk about what the future might look like for the trucking industry.

Trucks that can be driven by themselves

Autonomous trucks, like autonomous vehicles, have been in development for many years. There are many companies that want to make the most advanced automated truck technology. Tesla was one of them, and they just unveiled their own autonomous truck last year. It is called Semi and runs entirely on batteries. It can travel between 300 to 500 miles per charge. Various other companies have announced similar projects, with Aurora even going as far as to create its own operating system to autonomous trucks.

However, it is still possible that drivers will not be able to drive 18-wheelers. The U.S. Department of Transportation has invested millions of dollars in autonomous trucking technology research and development. However, experts will continue to take their time in perfecting the tech. Steve Viscelli, a University of Pennsylvania sociologist, explained in an interview that while the U.S. government has made a long-term investment, experts are allowed to take the necessary time to perfect this technology. "This is a marathon, and not a sprint."

Workforce Negative Impacts

There are potential drawbacks to this new technology. We may experience a significant gap in our workforce due to the advent of autonomous trucks. The United States has 3.5 Million truck drivers. So the introduction of autonomous trucks would likely leave more people without a job. The trucking industry is already plagued by major issues. Drivers are underpaid and don't receive the benefits they deserve. As such, autonomous driving options could make matters worse.

All of this speculation is speculative and it's impossible to predict what the future will bring. While it will take time before the technology is able to drive trucks completely autonomously, things are still difficult to predict.

Future of the Auto Transport Industry

With new technologies opening the door to self-driving cars and other improvements in car hauling, the future of the auto transportation industry is not clear. Other than self-driving tech solutions, electronic tools such as TMS (transportation management software) and load boards have made car hauling easier than ever.

Move Car, a TMS system that allows drivers to file paperwork, send BOLs and manage payments all from their phones, is a great option. This could prove to be a valuable tool for car hauling businesses. Get a trial now.