Posted on 11/17/22

Auto Shipping is More than a Tow

Auto Shipping is More than a Tow

You just bought the car of your dreams. But there's one problem. It's in California and you're here in Boston. You don't know where you will find the time or energy to bring it home. This is where a car transport company can help. The great news? There are many that fit your budget and offer more than just towing services.

Tow Trucks - Weighing the Pros & Cons

Two options for moving your car from its current location to the place you desire it to go are a tow truck and a shipping company. Tow trucks will transport your vehicle to the destination you need, usually within minutes. We are used to towing vehicles after a vehicle breaks down. Tow trucks are meant to be at the driver's beck and call' so they come with a high price.

The most significant disadvantage? You'll need to find other accommodation if you go beyond that distance. Another disadvantage is? The other disadvantage is that tow trucks do not offer covered carriers. They only offer flatbeds. This means your vehicle won't be protected.

The Shipping Company of Today Is Not What You Expect

It is very competitive in the car shipping industry. The best prices will be found if you are looking to transport your car from one place to another. You can trust a reputable car shipping company to provide these services:

  • Insurance
  • Customer service of the highest quality
  • An accurate estimate of the delivery date
  • Positive reviews (with an excellent online reputation).
  • Transparency - No hidden fees

You can certainly drive your own car. However, this can take away time from your family and job. It can be more expensive financially to drive if you have to pay for gas and hotel costs. If you don't have experience driving long distances, it could also cost you more. You will be responsible for the wear and tear of your vehicle if you drive your own car.

You can get rid of the hassle and hazards of driving yourself by hiring a professional shipper. They will know what it takes to get you there in the shortest time possible.

While the route is important, cost plays an important role. However, in the end, using a car shipping company can save you time, money, and the hassle of trying to figure out all the details. Fill out the contact form today to receive a free quote!