Posted on 07/07/22

All You Need to Know About Hawaii Car Shipping

All You Need to Know About Hawaii Car Shipping

It is thrilling to move to Hawaii for a while or temporarily. However, it requires careful planning. There are many things to consider. Find a home or apartment to rent and then decide how to pack and move your belongings. You will also need to plan if you are shipping your car to Hawaii.

Move Car, an auto transport management company makes shipping your car to Hawaii or the mainland from Hawaii easy. We will take care of everything once your vehicle has been picked up.

There are some things that you should consider before this can happen.

What are your options for shipping to Hawaii ? or shipping from Hawaii?

It doesn't matter if you are shipping over water or land, getting a shipping estimate and scheduling a shipment are the same. Ground transport options to Long Beach, California port are available:

Open carrier auto transport -- This option is most popular because it's cheaper and often faster than other options. There are also more spots on trucks that move across the country. Open carriers are the most common method of cross-country auto shipping.

Transport by enclosed auto -- An enclosed vehicle is the best option for transporting your vehicle if it is very dirty, needs extra protection, is valuable or is a special car or truck. Move Car prides itself on offering the most affordable enclosed auto transport.

There are two options for sea transport from or to the islands:

You can choose to roll-on/roll-off transport -- Your truck or car will be driven into a large cargo vessel when you select fast and affordable RORO transport. Your vehicle will remain outside the port but will be protected from the elements and open ocean within the ship throughout its journey.

When to send your shipment from or to Hawaii

Customers shipping cars to Hawaii and shipping cars from Hawaii are often asking us, "How far in advance should my shipment be booked?" It makes sense to book your shipment at least a month ahead of the date you intend to move.

It's a good idea, however, to book your trip as soon as possible in order to ensure that there are enough spots on the ships and on the carriers. This makes it easier to coordinate your shipment and meet any scheduling requirements you might have.

The time it takes to ship your car from California to Hawaii or back to the mainland will vary depending on the shipment. The trip from California to Hawaii takes approximately 2 weeks, barring any weather-related events. However, your vehicle must also make the journey from your place to the port.

Move Car strives to be transparent with customers when describing their options. We advise anyone living within 50 miles of Long Beach port that they can drop off their car or pick it up at the port, so they don't have to pay for ground transportation. If you live further from the port, such as if you are shipping a car from the east coast to Hawaii, and you need ground transportation, it might take a few weeks before your car arrives at the port.

Tip - Once your vehicle is picked up, you can get information over the phone or via our Live Chat support.

Below are some examples of shipping times to help you understand how long it takes. It takes approximately one to five business days for pickup for all routes. The timeline once picked up will be as follows

Chicago - Hawaii

1) Chicago, IL to Long Beach (CA) - 5-7 Days

2) Long Beach, CA to Hawaii in 7-12 Days (based on Honolulu).

San Francisco - Hawaii

1) San Francisco, CA - Long Beach, CA 1-2 Days

2) Long Beach, CA to Hawaii in 7-12 Days (based on Honolulu).

Please note that shipments from Oakland, California will take 7-12 business days, depending on when the boat sails. In most cases, it is faster to have the car brought down to Long Beach, California.

Seattle to Hawaii

1) Seattle, WA to Long Beach (CA) - 4-6 Days

2) Long Beach, CA to Hawaii in 7-12 Days (based on Honolulu).

Note Shipping from Tacoma Port will take 7-12 business days depending on when the boat sails. In most cases, it is faster to ship the car to Long Beach, California.

How much does Hawaii car shipping cost?

California residents can benefit from our port-to-port pricing. This can help you save a few dollars. A car shipped from Long Beach to Lihue will cost you approximately $1,200. However, you can use our instant quote tool to find out how much it will take to ship your vehicle to Hawaii. We offer both door-to-port service to Hawaii and port service from Hawaii for customers who live outside Long Beach. Ground transportation from or to the east coast will cost you approximately $2,300. The total cost for ground transportation to or from the Midwest will be approximately $1,800.

These prices are not the averages. Shipping a car from Hawaii or to Hawaii will vary depending on its make and model, distance traveled to and from the port, transport type (e.g. open carrier shipping or enclosed carrier shipping), speed of shipping, modifications to your vehicle, and how fast you need it to be shipped. Shipping larger, heavier, or taller cars will take up more space, weigh more, and cost more.

How shipping a car to Hawaii works

Move Car provides door-to-port services at an affordable price to customers who ship cars to Hawaii. Many of its customers are amazed by how easy and smooth the process is. Move Car makes it easy to ship a car from Hawaii.

Step 1 - Receive your quotation and book your transportation

Our instant quote calculator will give you an instant price estimate. You can then book your transport order online, by phone, or by live chat.

Step 2 -- Prepare your vehicle for shipping

You will need to prepare your vehicle for shipping by following these steps:

  • Keep your car running on 1/4 tank of gasoline
  • Clean your car's exterior and interior
  • Remove all personal items
  • Make sure your car is in operating condition
  • Turn off your vehicle's alarm.

The U.S. Coast Guard considers gas a hazardous substance and your car should have no more than one-quarter of its tank on pick-up day. You can clean your car's exterior and interior thoroughly. This makes it easier to inspect. If you don't have one, disable the alarm system and ensure that your tires are properly inflated.

Do your own inspection to ensure you are comfortable before you give your vehicle over. You can take photos and videos of the interior and exterior of your vehicle, as well as the mileage.

Step 3 -- Move Car pick up your vehicle

We pick up your car when you ship a car to Hawaii. We offer Door to Port service. This means that we will pick up your vehicle at your home and transport it to the port of choice.

Our port-to-port service allows you to save money. Simply drop off your vehicle at the port, and we will take care of everything else. Only you will need to meet your vehicle once it arrives in Hawaii.

4 -- Meet your car at the port

After your vehicle arrives in Hawaii, it will need to clear customs and inspection.

You can also designate someone to pick up the vehicle if you are unable to do so. Move Car will need to be contacted to amend your booking before someone can come to your location to pick up your vehicle. We will notify Move Car if someone is going to pick up your vehicle. They must have your booking confirmation number as well as your vessel booking number.

If you are moving permanently, you will need to register your vehicle in the county you live in within 30 days. Although the registration process may vary from one county to another, these are the basics:

  • Buy Hawaii auto insurance
  • Request the official insurance card via mail
  • Pass the vehicle safety inspection to receive an inspection sheet
  • Bring your inspection sheet, insurance certificate, receipt of shipment, and plates to the motor vehicle department
  • You can choose between a Hawaii registration, which gets you Hawaii plates, or an out-of-state permit.
  • Bring your new plates and permit to the inspection station to get the official inspection sticker

How to ship a car from Hawaii to the mainland

Move Car provides both port-to-door and port-to-port services to customers shipping to the mainland. Although it might seem that shipping a vehicle from Hawaii to the mainland is the same as shipping to Hawaii, there are some key differences. Steps 1 and 2 described above are identical. The quote will be provided, transport booked, and your vehicle prepared for the journey by sea. You'll need to follow these steps:

All the following are required to port

  • Your keys, the alarm remote
  • A government-issued picture ID
  • Copy of your vehicle's title and registration (this will remain with the vehicle).
  • Your Move Car Order Confirmation and Vessel Booking Number
  • Notarized letter on official letterhead signed by the lien holder or title authorizing a shipment
  • Notarized power of attorney document from the second owner if more than one

Pick up or receive your vehicle

There are two options. Move car can either bring your vehicle anywhere on the mainland, or you can pick it up at the port.

Please note that there are strict shipping regulations

You shouldn't assume you can disregard the rules when shipping a car from Hawaii to the mainland. You may have asked if it is possible to ship a car from Hawaii with some stuff inside, or if it would be easier to get a lower rate if you share fewer details about the vehicle during booking.

Our advice is to not try to cut shipping costs by misrepresenting the vehicle's condition or packing too many personal items in your trunk. You'll either have to pay an unexpected premium for shipping (because your vehicle is heavier or larger) or figure out how to get your stuff to the port. Your car may not make it onto the truck, or on the ship. In this case, you will have to reschedule.

You can ship a financed vehicle to Hawaii. You can ship a financed car to Hawaii, but it is best to check with your lender and your shipper first.

Why ship to Move Car

Move Car is an experienced auto transport company that can help you ship your car to Hawaii or the mainland. We aim to make your auto transport process easy, efficient, and smooth by taking all the responsibility off of you. We take care of your shipment from beginning to end, so you don’t have to coordinate ground transport or sea transport or deal with multiple companies.

You can get information over the phone about your car's location and expected arrival time, as well as the estimated arrival date via our LiveChat service. This means you can relax and focus on the important things of your move while we ship your car.

Are you ready to ship your vehicle to Hawaii? Get a free shipping estimate today and read what customers have to say about Move Car Auto Transport.