Posted on 06/30/22

A Detailed Overview Of Student Car Shipping

A Detailed Overview Of Student Car Shipping

After hard-earned high school graduation with excellent grades, now you are preparing for college. You feel more excited as the weeks go by and you get closer and closer to your start date. You will finally have the freedom you have been longing for, by attending college. This is a big step towards independence and you're eager to make new friends.

Only one thing is on your mind.

Isn't it great to have your car in college?

You can. Even better, you don’t have to drive the long distance yourself. This is great news for students who are going to college in another state. You can instead use a student car shipping company.

There are many benefits to shipping to college. We'll explain them in this article. It is important to understand the steps you need to take to safely ship to college.

What is Student Car Shipping?

Many vehicle transport companies offer student car shipping as a special service. This involves the carrier collecting your vehicle from your home or at a designated terminal and shipping it to where you need it. These services can ship your vehicle directly from your college in some cases. They may ship your vehicle to a nearby terminal where you can pick it and drive it to campus.

Two options are offered by most car carriers when it comes to shipping college students' cars.

  • Transport open
  • Transport enclosed

Open transport means that your vehicle is loaded onto an open trailer and secured using cables or ropes. The vehicle is then towable from Point A to Point B. Sometimes, multiple vehicles can be loaded onto one large truck trailer by a carrier. Open transport is cost-effective. Open transport costs less than enclosed transport. Open transport exposes your car to any vehicle that it may encounter while driving. This is the biggest problem. If the vehicle is in direct contact with hail or other debris, this can cause damage, including dents and scratches.

Carriers with enclosed car transportation offer greater protection for your vehicle. Students can be more assured that their vehicle will arrive safely and securely because it is loaded into an enclosed trailer. This means that the vehicle is protected from the elements and thieves are less likely to steal it. This higher level of service does come at a price, especially if your carrier picks up your vehicle from your home. You will pay more for enclosed transport than you would for the same open transport journey.

Shipping Student Cars: Why Students Should Care

Shipping has many benefits. Students may feel that they can handle the trip themselves. Many college students may want to take a trip on the road, and enjoy a few days driving before starting their college careers.

This sounds like something you would enjoy doing.

There are many reasons to consider student car shipping services.

Reason no.1

Let's say you are going to college in another state. This could mean that the journey from home to college may be over 1,000 miles. You will need to complete the journey on your own, and it will take you several days. Because they won't have a way to return home, family members cannot join the ride.

You can spend more time with your loved ones by using a student car shipping company. The carrier can ship your vehicle to another state. This allows you to spend more time with your loved ones and maybe even to share your first trip to college.

Reason # It may be a long drive

According to estimates, one in 25 adults has been found asleep behind the wheel of a car while driving. In addition, approximately 1,500 people are killed each year due to accidents caused by asleep drivers.

These statistics are important.

Consider how long it will take to get from your home to college. To reach your destination, you will need to drive several thousand miles if you are moving to another part of the country for school.

It's exhausting work.

This also works that many college students may find challenging. You can take the stress out of your journey by using a student car shipping company. You can rest assured that you won't fall asleep at the wheel as a result of using a student car shipping service.

Reason No.3

Let's suppose you are thinking of driving your car to college. This means that you will need enough money to cover the cost of fuel for the trip. The costs do not end there. You'll need to have enough money to buy food if you drive long distances. In some cases, you may need to pay for accommodation along the route. It is not difficult to see how the cost of your journey will increase quickly.

This is compared to a service that offers shipping and transport. This type of service is available to college students at a cost between $800 and $1,000. If you look for a company that offers student discounts on auto shipping, you might find that shipping your car to college is a cheaper option than driving. You can rest assured that your vehicle is safe and sound with professional shipping.

How to prepare for student car shipping

When you ship a car to college, your shipping company will do most of the work. To ensure that the trip goes smoothly, there are some things you should do.

Step 1 - Choose the Right Shipping Company

How can you choose the right shipping company? When looking for a carrier, college students should do the following:

  • Locate the Motor Carrier Number (MCN), and verify it using the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration database. Every legitimate shipping company has an MCN.
  • You can check the reviews of the company online via Google and social media. You can learn a lot from the experiences of other customers about how they felt about working with the carrier.
  • Ask potential carriers about their insurance coverage. The minimum requirement is that the company has insurance that covers them in the event of negligence causing damage to your vehicle.

You can also ask the company about its shipping experience and what equipment it uses. You want to work with a company that has a track record and can show you the equipment it uses to safely ship your vehicle.

Step 2 - Schedule the Right

Scheduling can be more difficult than you might think. It is important to make sure the carrier has enough time so that your car can get from Point A to Point B on time. This will allow you to have it arrive at college when you are ready. You should also schedule a time for your car to be picked up.

This last point is crucial.

Many college students make the error of scheduling pick-up dates on the same day they schedule their college start date. This is often a mistake. You will meet new people, take part in orientation sessions and move into your dorm room on your first day at college. Stress is added by having to schedule a vehicle pickup on the same day. It is often better to schedule your vehicle pick-up for a time when you aren't busy doing other things.

FMCSA rules regarding transporting property will help you determine how long the trip takes. The FMCSA imposes an 11-hour maximum driving time if the driver has not driven for 10 consecutive hours. Property-carrying drivers need to take a 30-minute rest every eight hours. These rules, combined with the distance traveled, can increase the travel time.

It is important to schedule your delivery at least a week before you leave for college. You should give the transportation company ample time to schedule your pick-up day for a day when there aren't many other things happening.

Step 3 - Prepare and document your vehicle

It is necessary to remove all personal and non-essential items from your vehicle before you prepare it. Many shipping companies won't be held responsible for any damage, loss, or theft that might occur to your items. Anything inside your vehicle is at your own risk.

A quarter tank of gasoline is a good idea. This gives enough fuel to allow the carrier to transport your vehicle onto loading docks and trailers. This also means that your vehicle doesn't have to carry extra fuel. If your carrier considers weight when determining the price of your vehicle, it could increase your costs.

To document your vehicle, take time-stamped photos. It is a good idea for your vehicle to be cleaned before you leave. This makes it easy to locate any scuffs and marks. If you need to dispute your carrier, these photos can be used as evidence. Before they pick up your vehicle, many transportation companies will ask you to provide information on mechanical problems, such as leaks. If you fail to disclose a mechanical problem, you could be held responsible for any damage it causes to the equipment of the carrier.

Get ready for a new adventure

College is your first taste of true freedom. You can extend your freedom and become truly independent by having a car. It is important that your car arrives at college in good condition.

Move Car Auto Transport is here to help.

College students across the United States can rely on us for reliable and safe vehicle shipping. International services are also available, so students who plan to study abroad may be able to bring their cars. Get a quote today to learn more about student car shipping. Call us to save as much as 20% on your vehicle's transportation costs.