Posted on 12/09/22

8 Things To Know Before You Buy A Car From Overseas

8 Things To Know Before You Buy A Car From Overseas

You've finally found the car you want...and it is outside of the country. This is what you need to know in order to make buying your dream car a breeze.

Slow down

Do your research and don't be influenced by your emotions. Know exactly what you're getting. Let me give you a hint: the seller's word does not always mean what it says. The photos and descriptions are only one part of the story. Talk to other car enthusiasts, hire an inspector and look at the car's history. When the seller isn’t nearby, buyer beware has a whole new meaning.

Learn the real cost

You should consider the cost of money transfers and exchange rates, as well as fees such as duty fees. Compare the costs and options between at least three providers to get the best deal. Check with your local DMV to see if any state taxes may apply.

Make sure your car is ready to go for the USA

The vehicle must meet the basic requirements of road vehicles in the United States. You will need to adjust your purchase to ensure that you are following the law. For more information on specific requirements, visit

Check your eligibility

Before you buy, make sure the vehicle is allowed to enter the United States. Check with your local DMV to learn about the documents required for importing a car. For a wealth of information, including links to forms, applications, eligibility guidelines, and more, visit

Get military perks

For special discounts and perks, military personnel should purchase at least six months in advance of their return to the United States. You will also enjoy driving your car and making memories at the station where you are stationed.

Research shipping

How do you get your new car into your garage? You want to be able to trust a highly-rated shipper to deliver your car in a safe and timely manner at a reasonable price. Shipping deals that seem too good to be true should not be trusted. Your friends will be enthralled by the horror stories about your car being taken hostage. If your vehicle does not meet US emission standards, you can use an independent commercial Importer.

Research the title

Shipment of cars without clear titles is not possible. To save yourself a lot of headaches, verify the title before you sign the contract.

Make a paper trail

You will need documentation to prove that you got the deal you believed you got. Get everything written as much as you can. You'll be happy you did it, even if something goes wrong.

You might be able to buy a car abroad. It is important to do your research. The history of the vehicle and all costs, including shipping, will make for a great experience.