Posted on 02/09/22

How To Schedule Your Car Shipment

How To Schedule Your Car Shipment


Scheduling your auto shipment is the most important aspect of the auto transport process that you can control. This will determine the pickup and delivery times of your vehicle, which can make or break a move. Although scheduling your vehicle's transportation is simple, there are some things you should know before you plan your shipment.

How far ahead can you book your auto transport?

In an ideal world everyone would have the exact pickup and return dates every time. Unfortunately, this is not true. You can influence the shipping dates that you want.

Most people don't get the shipping dates they want because they have waited too long to schedule the shipment. Car shipping availability depends on demand. The closer you are to your preferred shipping dates, then the more availability you will have. There might be no availability at all after a certain point. It is a good idea, therefore, to book your shipment well in advance.

You should usually book your shipment at least one month before the pickup date. The sooner you book your shipment, however, the better. You will have a better chance of receiving your preferred shipping dates. Additionally, you may be able to save some money on the shipment. If possible, schedule your car shipment at least six to eight weeks ahead.

Some seasons are busier than others

We have already mentioned that the availability of specific dates for car shipping is determined solely by the demand at that time. Even though it is important to plan ahead during busy times, it would be wise to book your shipment at least six weeks in advance.

Shipping a car is most popular in the "busy season", which runs from late spring to the end of summer. Consider that the peak season for car shipping is usually May to September. You might need to give us two or three weeks' notice if you are shipping in this period.

Coordination of your car shipment and your move

It is important that your car be delivered as soon as you arrive at your destination, especially if you are moving or on a long trip. Plan your move and trip before you start. Many moving companies recommend that you plan your move at least three to four months before the actual date. After you have finalized all details, you can schedule your car shipment. You can schedule your car shipment up to eight weeks in advance if you wish.

Your vehicle will be picked up by someone else. This means that you can't leave the country until your vehicle is picked up. You will need to hand the keys to the driver of your auto transport and confirm that the car was picked up.

The same goes for your car delivery. Your car will arrive at your destination after you have arrived. You will need to be at your destination when the car is delivered in order to sign off on completion and receive keys. There is an option to have someone you trust to receive the keys and vehicle. However, they must be at least eighteen years old with valid identification. You will need to discuss this option with your car shipping company before you book.


It is easy to schedule your car shipment by calling a vehicle transport company or visiting their website. A representative from the company can help you if you have any questions. When you schedule your car shipment is the most important part. If you are concerned about the delivery and pickup dates, it is best to schedule your car shipment at least one month ahead. You should book your shipment at a minimum of six to eight weeks ahead of the busy season, which runs from May to September.

You should not book your car shipping company too far in advance if you find yourself in this situation. Although chances are that you will still be able to get the dates you prefer or close to them, the likelihood of this not happening is greater than if your booking was made four weeks ahead.