Posted on 07/13/22

7 Steps For Preparing Your Car For Shipping

7 Steps For Preparing Your Car For Shipping

Are you shipping your car across the country You probably realize that there is more to this process than you realized. Even if your auto transport company is reliable, you need to learn how to prepare your vehicle for shipping. Although you can send your car as-is, this is an expensive item. It is important to do everything possible to ensure that your vehicle arrives safely and without damage.

What should you do? To help you prepare for shipping your car across country, we have put together a list with 7 steps.

Wash your car

Before shipping your car across the country with an auto transportation company, you need to wash it. Once you have a good idea of your "First Available Shipping Date", make sure that your car is washed before it arrives. After your car is cleaned, inspect it carefully for any defects.

  • Existing scratches or dents
  • Paint chips or discoloration

Although it is rare, you might get scratches or dings while transporting your car. You should take note of any existing damages. This is easier to spot on a clean vehicle.

Photograph damage that is already present

After you have taken photos of all damages, date stamp them with the date stamps for each scratch, dent or paint chip. These photos will be for your records so make sure you take clear photos. These photos can be included with your written record to ensure that any possible scratches or dents cannot be denied by the transport company or carrier. These photos can be used to mark your Bill of Lading (an inspection document that is given by the carrier and which you must sign) when you pick up your car for shipping.

Remove valuable products

You can reduce the risk of theft by shipping your car across country. To ensure that your valuables are safe, you should also remove any custom products, add-ons to your vehicle, such as custom stereos and DVD players. Also, you will need to get rid of any parking permits or toll tags. You should also remove any parking passes or toll tags. It will most likely collect the fees for each toll that your vehicle passes through. You can avoid unnecessary fees by removing it immediately.

You must disable or remove any custom alarm systems. It can go off while being transported, and the trucker may disable it using any method possible.

Secure or remove any loose parts

You should secure any removable or loose parts on your vehicle's exterior before you ship it across the country. Retract or remove your antenna. Your side-view mirrors can be folded in. Consider removing any custom spoilers or other parts that you have added to your side-view mirrors so they don't get damaged or lost in transport.

Convertibles: To avoid possible weather damage, make sure that the top is securely secured.

Before shipment, check for maintenance

It is important to note any inoperable vehicles at the time you book. Make sure to inform the trucker if there are any mechanical problems or leaks with operable vehicles. At pick-up, inform the trucker so that they can make the necessary preparations. Mechanical problems could cause delays or damage to your vehicle and other vehicles.

  • All fluids should be checked and topped up
  • Make sure your tires are properly inflated
  • Check that your vehicle is fully charged.
  • Notify trucker if there are any mechanical problems and what steps must be taken in order to drive the car on or off the truck
  • Record mileage

Gas tank empty

Your gas tank should be only 1/4 full. Full gas tanks add weight to the vehicle and car carrier. Additional gas is unnecessary because your car will only be used to transport the truck.

Additional set of keys

It is important to have spare keys for every vehicle you own. The trucker will need keys to get your vehicle on the truck. You should have extra keys if you don't already have them. It is not a good idea to give your trucker only one set of keys.

Although these steps may seem complicated, they are necessary in order to transport your car safely across the country. These steps will help reduce the chance of your car being damaged. Move Car Auto Transport is the best choice for shipping of your vehicle across the country .

Happy transporting!

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