Posted on 07/06/22

11 Safety Tips For Holiday Travel

11 Safety Tips For Holiday Travel

Holidays are an amazing, enjoyable time of year. The holiday season brings with it a huge increase in holiday-related travel. Many people travel across the country to spend the holidays with family and friends. These 11-holiday safety tips will keep you and your car safe.

Continue reading to find out how you can drive safely no matter what the holiday season brings!

Safety tip #1 for holiday travel: Make sure you check the road conditions

It can be difficult to predict weather conditions and road conditions when you travel across the country. But make sure you check the road conditions before heading out. and provide weather information. Many apps are available that keep you informed about road conditions while you're on the road.

Safety tip #2 for holiday travel: Bring supplies

An old saying states that you should always have water and food, as well as warm clothes. You won't need much space in your car if you have a bag full of food, clothes, and water. It's impossible to predict what might happen so be ready and set an example for your children.

Safety tip #3 for holiday travel: Get your car ready for long trips

Winter travel, no matter how far you are traveling, will require extra maintenance. It is possible that your car needs to be inspected and replaced with new tires or wiper blades. Don't wait to get out of your garage to check.

Safety tip #4 for holiday travel: Make sure you have an emergency kit

Do you own one? This question is not for you. You do, I'm sure! Double-check it, and ensure you have a first aid kit and a tire repair kit. Flares and a fire extinguisher are also recommended.

Safety tip #5 for holiday travel: Always have your cell phone nearby - always have a car charger!

It happens so often to me that I can't miss it. Keep your car's charger plugged in. This sentence should be deleted: You never know what the smartphone you trust with your personal information might do.

Your cell phone is your best friend when you travel.

Safety tip #6 for holiday travel: Child safety seat

A child safety seat is recommended for children under 8 years of age. You should ensure that you have done it correctly and that the seat is the correct size. During the trip, be sure to keep your child safe.

Tip #7 for holiday travel safety: Get ready!

After taking care of your children, take care of yourself! Most likely, you have heard the national slogan "Click it or Ticket". Because many people don't believe in the power of a seat belt, this campaign is designed to save lives.

Safety tip #8 for holiday travel: Don't drink and drive

There's no better way to express that. Don't drink and drive. Never ever! Consider the consequences. We all know the effects alcohol has on us. Let's not debate that. While many people may believe that one beer is fine, in reality, it is not. You are automatically considered a road hazard if you drink and drive.

Distracted driving...during holidays

Talking on the phone, texting, or driving while impaired is dangerous. It is important to not text, talk or drive while texting. You are visiting relatives to share the holiday joy. It is winter. It's not worth ruining it with one text message or phone call.

Safety tip #9 for holiday travel: Keep your eyes focused on the road

After talking about distracted driving, and driving under the influence, we want to remind you to stay on the road. It can be hectic when everyone is excited about the holidays and the family travels together in a car. However, the driver must keep his/her eyes on the road.

Safety tip #10 for holiday travel: Don't speed

Last but not least, don't rush - just leave early. While we all want to be home for the holidays as soon as possible, don't put your safety at risk. Slow down and drive safely. Take your time and slow down when you travel for the Holidays. Safety is your first priority.

Safety tip #11 for holiday travel: You can check the weather while on the move - there's an app!

You should be monitoring the weather, just like you check the road conditions. Weather can change from one state to the next. You can use your smartphone to check the weather. There are many apps that will help you keep track of it. You can check the weather in each state before you go if your phone doesn't allow it.