Posted on 12/06/21

Five Highway Construction Safety Tips For Summer

Five Highway Construction Safety Tips For Summer

We have a saying in the Midwest that says "There are two seasons- the season of winter and the year of construction". This is probably also true for the Eastern Seaboard. Road construction workers are making their daily commutes, raising concerns about safety and security for workers as well as summer road warriors looking to have fun in the sun.

How to Avoid Road Accidents

There are many simple ways that drivers can help workers stay safe. These are key tips to ensure a safe summer.

1. Plan your road trip in advance

For information about upcoming construction areas, a great place to begin is the website of your destination state. The state of Wisconsin, for example, has provided information on its summer highway construction areas. They have also laid them out in advance to help drivers. They listed county by county, the locations of major road construction sites, and the construction schedule. Also, they provided a description of the work as well as the traffic impacts.

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2. Allow yourself sufficient time to travel the roads.

It is possible to make fatal mistakes if you rush. This can distract you from the important thing: driving safely. Another tip we want to share is...

3. Pay attention to the road, not to navigational devices.

Do not be distracted by texting or phone conversations. Many states have cell-phone use laws. It is important to be aware of them during construction. You could save the life of someone else's son or daughter, or father.

4. Reread the "Rules of the Road" regarding construction sites.

Many of us are so used to driving that we have developed old habits, which may not always be the best or right ones. We often assume that we are knowledgeable about everything and disregard this crucial piece of information once we have our licenses. The Rules of the Road handbook is available on the Illinois State website. This, unlike many other states, makes it easy to access. In the event you wish to schedule an annual check of your driving knowledge, there are updates available.

5. Take your time on construction sites. Pay attention to the speed changes.

It is important to determine if the site you are visiting is a permanent construction site or a 24-hour zone. This makes tip number 1 even more important. In its Work Zone Limits Guide, the Minnesota Department of Transportation states that the highway speed limit for work zones is 20 miles an hour. The work zone speed limit cannot reduce the speed limit of the street or highway affected by more than 15 MPH, and the highway speed limit must not exceed forty MPH.

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