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Move Car is a leader in local and long-distance moving services for decades. We’re here to help you move cars to another state.

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Move Car is a leader in local and long-distance moving services for decades. We’re here to help you move cars to another state.

Move Car auto transport – A good option to move car to another state.

Have you ever transported your car before? If you have never had your vehicle transported before, you may think of it as a confusing task. But, all you need is to do a little research and get together all the relevant details you might need. Hence, select the best auto shipping company you can find to move car to another state, and you're sorted

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Move Car auto transport is one of the leading car shipping companies in the United States. In addition to this, if you need an enclosed car carrier or an open carrier, you can rely on us to assist you with all your vehicle transportation needs.

Furthermore, we are here to offer auto shipping across the United States for a range of vehicles, including motorcycle, truck, car, etc., in all size specifications. Also, you can expect highly efficient car transport services by choosing to work with us!


Criteria to keep in mind when choosing an auto transport company to move car to another state.

There is an extensive range of companies that can help you move car to another state; you may need to keep various factors in mind and make inquiries carefully.

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Here are some of the key points:

  • Firstly, you can check with friends and family for auto shipping services they have used in the past. Word-of-mouth reviews are often more reliable than the feedback you see on the internet that the companies themselves may have provided.
  • Secondly, you can compare the terms and conditions and quotations from different companies before making your choice.
  • Check the years of experience that each company has behind it.
  • However, you would have been doing this. You can search the company website for information about the company's customer service and how they handle queries about delays and damages to these vehicles.
  • You must know that choosing a low-cost carrier may not always be a wise option. Thereby, balance the costs of the services with the expertise the company offers.

What can be the transit times to expect when you are about to move a car to another state?

At Move Car auto transport, our focus is on speedy and economical auto shipping to move cars to another state that will make you absolutely relaxed. Additionally, several factors influence the time it takes to move your vehicle from the point of origin to the end of delivery. Nevertheless, when making your booking, we will also make sure to give you even a clear view of the expected delivery time.

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Here we are enlisting transit times that you can expect:

Transit Distance: You should know that the total number of miles from your pickup point to your delivery point will determine the time taken to drop off your vehicle. Thereby, the longer the distance, the longer will be the delivery time. However, it might then take the drivers and carriers longer to coordinate and reach your destination if you live in a rural area. As a result, you can say that the transit may take longer.

Transit Season: You must know that most auto shipping companies consider the summer months from late spring to early fall as their peak transportation seasons. Thereby, accordingly, you may find that pickups and drop-offs for vehicles can be arranged sooner with more considerable traffic moving around the various locations in the country. Also, should you need transportation in the winter months, putting in for the service may take longer than usual?

Transit Route: Did you know? If the major highways and interstates connect your pickup and drop-off locations, our drivers also find it easier to transport your vehicle with comparatively lesser time lags. Nevertheless, there is no need to fret about it even if the significant arteries don't link them; we offer door-to-door car shipping services within a somewhat longer time frame.


A professional team at your service to move the car to another state and any long-distance that you mention!

You would know that some of the auto transport options are faster than the others. However, even the speedier services, the more expensive they are. Thereby, if you plan to move your car to another state, you can call Move Car Auto Transport. We offer affordable rates to our loyal customers. However, we provide you with a choice that you may choose between open or enclosed carriers for land travel. You would know that the enclosed carriers arrive faster and even offer more protection. At the same time, their price is also higher. Whereas, as is the standard service, the open trucks possess more minor features than the closed ones. At the same time, they are cheaper for you to reserve. If you need to transport your car over long distances, we have a more straightforward and less pricey method for you.

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You must be aware that time is an essential factor when planning long-distance transport for your car. Isn't it? Thereby, if you are in a hurry, you can call our professional staff immediately to begin our process as soon as possible for you.

Moreover, the other thing that you would need to consider is the season in which you plan to

initiate the transportation. As in during summer, more people plan to ship their vehicles as

compared to the other season. Thereby, the prices are usually high during that season. In addition to this, you might want to schedule your transport for some additional time to reduce costs.

Nevertheless, if you have a specific date in mind to move a car to another state, call car shipping services to ensure that there are available carriers for you.

We find it our responsibility to strive to provide every customer with the highest caliber

customer service possible. Moreover, we value each one of you and do our best to make the auto transport process as seamless and straightforward as possible. Alongside, as you would know, overall, since every car shipping service request has it's in particular, we suggest you explain your situation to our staff over the phone, since they will know the best solution for it.


Have legitimate car shipping services and move cars to another state within just no time.

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