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With Move Car You Don’t have to Worry About Hefty Car Shipping Expenses

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car

How You Define Car Transport?

You can also call it auto transport, auto shipping, vehicle shipping, or even car shipping. All these terms refer to a service that includes the process of moving cars from one place to another. In the US, car transport companies like Move Car auto transport offer various car shipping methods to ship cars from one place to another across states.


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As we already know, car shipping or car transport is a service and there are a number of auto transport vendors offering their car shipping services that involve the pickup of a car from one location and its drop off to another. Although there are a number of car shipping methods, generally, car shipping is divided into two separate shipping methods. The first car shipping method is termed as the open vehicle shipping process, it is more cost effective and quicker as well because a large number of vehicle shipping carriers operating across the states is designed for open vehicle shipping, thus, arranging an open vehicle transport carrier is comparatively easier for car shipping companies. The second car shipping method is enclosed auto transport. This is meant to cater to the needs of people who want added safety for their vehicle while shipping it to another location. This shipping method is comparatively expensive and cost around 30 to 40% higher than the open car shipping method. As for Move Car auto transport, we offer expedited car shipping and door to door car shipping methods as well.


How Much Does Car Shipping Cost?

Most people who happen to ship their vehicles for the first time often wonder “how much does car shipping cost?” We at Move Car auto transport understand their concerns. Such new customers should be properly guided so that there are no confusions or queries left before customers book the shipping of their car through open or enclosed car shipping methods.


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The cost of car shipping will be around $1.96 per mile for short distances that are below or equal to 500 miles. Which means it will cost around $694 for a car that is booked for shipping to a destination that is 400 miles aways from the pickup location. Car shipping cost for medium-ranged distances that range from 500 miles to 1500 miles is $0.93 per mile, which means if a customer is shipping his car to a location that is 1000 miles away, he would pay around $930 for that. The car shipping costs get even lower for long distances that exceed the range of 1500 miles. The car shipping cost for such distances is $0.58 per mile which will cost $1160 for a location that is 2000 miles away from the pickup terminal. It should be noted that these are general estimations. The original shipping cost relies on various other factors like fuel prices, busy schedule, and the method you select for the shipping process of your car.



Car Shipping Quotes for Final Cost

As mentioned earlier, the prices told above are generally applicable but there are various other factors that may impact the car shipping expenses that you have to bear. In order to be 100% sure about your final car shipping charges, it is better to ask for car shipping quotes. Move Car auto transport is capable of providing its customers with instant car shipping quotes regardless of the method they choose to get the quote from us

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Getting a final car shipping quote from a car shipping company will help you resolve all your confusions. Move Car auto transport has introduced some really beneficial betterments for  general customers when it comes to getting a car shipping quote. Our customers can get an instant quote from us that is final and stays applicable for the next 30 days. They can simply access our website to get instant quotes online from us, contact us through phone, or pay us a visit. We will request some details regarding the car shipping process such as vehicle pickup location and the delivery destination. For better accuracy you can provide us with zip codes. We will also ask you about your preferred car shipping method, vehicle make and model (helps us find the vehicle transport carrier of suitable size), operational status of vehicles ( is it capable of moving forward, backward, and steer on its own or need to be towed for loading and unloading purposes), and the earliest available car pickup date according to your preference. 



Make Sure You Perform Market Analysis

Before opting for any car shipping vendor, it is necessary to be 100% sure that you are paying the right price and the company you are selecting is not overpricing the process of shipping your car or scamming you. For this purpose, it is better to ask at least 4 to 5 auto shipping companies for auto shipping quotes before making your mind.


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Performing a thorough market analysis is good if you are looking to save some money and keep yourself safe from scammers. The best way to do that is asking a number of car shipping vendors for car shipping quotes. Move Car auto transport has been in the car shipping business for decades and knows how to keep its customers satisfied in terms of cost-effective pricing and quality. While performing marketing analysis, don’t focus on prices only, look for reliable names and quality services as well. This will help you find a better car shipping vendor like Move Car auto transport. We are capable of providing you with the cheapest possible car shipping quotes because of the advanced automated billing system that is equipped with advanced technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence. Additionally, we have more than 5000 vehicle chipping carriers in our network that makes it way easier for us to arrange a carrier for shipping of your car in less than 24 hours. 


Quality and-cost-effectiveness-is-what-describes-Move-Car-auto-transport

Quality and cost-effectiveness is what describes Move Car auto transport

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