How it performs for carriers

How It Performs For Carriers

Step By Step Process Of car shipping By Move Car Auto Transport

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Step By Step Process Of car shipping By Move Car Auto Transport

How It Performs For Carriers

Search the Move Car vehicles posted by dealers, brokers, and other shippers. Each listing includes the vehicle's location and the price the shipper will pay to ship it. If you see a vehicle traveling along your route at a reasonable price, contact the shipper or broker to arrange to take it.

performs for carrier



Search vehicle(s) on Move Car.



To arrange for pickup, contact shippers by telephone



You agree to the assignment of your vehicle by shippers on Move Car.



Deliver the vehicle. Collect payment if terms are COD Based on your experience, rate the shipper.

Our Carrier features allow you to book more loads efficiently and get paid quicker.

Move Car is pleased to announce improvements made specifically for Carrier customers. These new features are the result of years of listening to professional auto transport Carriers. They will allow you to earn more revenue by booking higher quality loads. These powerful tools will help you save time and money to make your business more efficient. Our team is hard at work to ensure your success and growth.

load efficiently

Multipoint route search

The new search algorithm is more powerful and will help you find additional loads along your route, giving you the opportunity to make more money on every haul. You can also specify multiple waypoints to help you plan your route.

minipoint route search

Carrier Invoicing

Integrated invoice creation allows you to pay faster and send customers an email with a single click.

carrier invoicing

Document Storage

No more misplacing important paperwork or files associated with dispatched vehicle orders. Document Storage allows carriers to share and store important files for all your loads.

document storage

Preferred Shipper

You can save time and effort by quickly identifying and blocking the bad players. This cool feature allows you to save your preferred shippers, which will be highlighted in the search results.

preferred shipper
car shipping service

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