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Move Car voted #1 in California as the best auto transport services company.

Car Transport Idaho Near Me

Idaho is most well-known for its potatoes, but the large expanses and friendliness of the locals make it an attractive destination for anyone looking to escape to take some time to relax and enjoy the beautiful countryside. You can enjoy long drives along scenic roads, but you will need to transport your vehicle to Idaho.

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Car Shipping Companies Near Me

Are you looking for auto transport companies in Idaho? Our team is available to help you plan your Idaho auto transport journey. It can be difficult to trust someone with your car transport investment. Idaho car shipping professionals have high ratings and will take care of your vehicle as well as you.

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Tips for Idaho Car Transport Companies

These are some key points to remember when you're looking for Idaho car shipping services.


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  • You should ensure that the Idaho car shipping business has a depot or office in your locality. Idaho isn't home to the same large metropolitan areas as other states. This means that if you are looking for an Idaho car shipping firm, you need one near your destination.
  • If your car is going to be traveling long distances, prepare it. Make sure you have enough fuel to get you there. Also, make sure you check the air pressure in your tires. You don't want to get stuck in the middle nowhere.
  • You should choose an Idaho auto transport company which offers the type of transport you prefer. For example, if you have a classic or custom vehicle, a company that offers enclosed transport will be able to transport it. This will help preserve its appearance.

Idaho is a beautiful, mountainous state with a lot to offer those who want to escape the city and return to nature. The beauty of the Columbia and Snake rivers can be seen. It is possible to see this state from your car.

For more information about Idaho car shipping, visit the Idaho Department of Transportation website.

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Long Distance Auto Transport from/to Idaho

Move Car ships cars to the US and other countries. Call us for instant car shipping. Tell our staff where and how you plan to take the car, and what your budget is.

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There are many options for auto transporters to choose from, each with its own pros and cons. Open carriers will save you money on Idaho auto shipping but can slow down your car transport. Although enclosed carriers are faster and safer than open carriers, they are rarely used unless there is an urgent need or to transport a costly vehicle. Talk to our staff about these options for auto shipping and decide which one best suits your needs.

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Idaho's Cheapest Car Transportation Options

The cost of Idaho auto transportation is affected by many factors, including the vehicle's weight, distance, car transport carrier used, and your choice of transport option. You cannot control some of these factors, such as distance and weight, but you can choose to lower Idaho car shipping costs.

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Open carriers are the preferred choice of many of our clients. Idaho car transport costs are much lower with open carriers than with enclosed trucks. It may be cheaper to ship your car on the lower row than with enclosed trucks in order to reduce shipping costs. Customers are concerned about oil and other liquids spilling onto their cars from the cars higher up. This is why the cost of top-row open carrier transport is usually higher.

Terminal based transportation is another option for car transport in Idaho. This is different from door to door. It is convenient but more costly to have the carrier come to your home or business to pick up the car or deliver it. It is more economical to ship the car from a terminal, and then pick it up at one.

The auto transport company you choose is the key to determining the Idaho car shipping cost. Move Car, a larger company than others, can lower their car shipping costs over time. This is because they have improved their system and built a large fleet. Because smaller companies have higher costs per operation, they charge more for car transport.

However, it is important to be cautious if the cost of transporting your car is too high. Ghost companies are out there trying to deceive car owners. You should not be suspicious of any car shipping service.

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Luxury and Classic Cars for Shipping in Idaho

Enclosed auto carriers are an option if you want to ship a luxury vehicle to Idaho. While an open trailer can transport multiple vehicles at a lower cost, an enclosed carrier offers more security for vintage and exotic automobiles. The vehicles can be carried in pairs or individually, and are protected from weather damage or bumps or scratches.

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You will get your antique or luxury car sooner if you ship it in enclosed carriers. Drivers are not required to make detours to load other cars. It conceals the cargo's worth and decreases the chance of theft. An enclosed auto carrier provides extra protection for luxury vehicles when they are shipped to Idaho or other states, despite the higher shipping costs.

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Exclusive Discounts on Auto Transport Idaho

You can take advantage of our seasonal car shipping discounts by shipping a car during a slower month. Shipping your car can be cheaper if you are a military member, student, or senior. To make it easy to ship your car, we have prepared discounts for each class. Get an instant quote for transporting your vehicle.

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Auto Transport Safety Measures for Idaho

Every auto transport operation must be safe. Open trucks have vehicles protected by multiple beams. Trucks with enclosed carriers are completely covered. It is protected from the elements and weather.

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Both cases ensure that cars are securely strapped so they do not move on the roads. You, the customer, receive a certain amount of insurance for transport. However, you have the option to purchase additional coverage if necessary. The car is not able to move or run, so it can't be damaged by anything other than a road accident.

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Request a price estimate to ship a car

It takes just a few minutes to request a shipping price estimate for a car. It is located at the top of this page. The booking process and shipping instructions are very simple. You will receive an instant quote on shipping your vehicle if you provide accurate information.

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For anyone who would like to talk to us directly about getting their car shipped, we have made our number for transport available on every page. We may be able to tailor your shipping, which will make it easier and more affordable. To transport your car anywhere in the state of gem, get a free quote.

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Idaho Car Registration

To register a vehicle in Idaho, you will need to present your title, car insurance, identification proof, and pay the registration fee at the local DMV office.

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After your VIN has been inspected, you will need to apply for registration.

You can renew your license plates by simply contacting the Idaho Registration Renewal Process.

Please note that registration fees and other requirements may vary for certain vehicle types such as motorhomes, RVs, and vehicles for all terrains.

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Registration of Vehicles for New Idaho Residents

As a new resident of Idaho, the Division of Motor Vehicles requires that you register your vehicle within 3 months of becoming a resident. Boise is Idaho's largest city, so ensure your vehicle registration arrives in time.

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Note The car must have been previously titled prior to registration. It is possible to save time and complete both registration and titling in one visit. Be sure to be informed about the Idaho DMV office's titling requirements.

As long as you're present at the office of the county motor vehicle assessor, and have your proof of insurance from an Idaho licensed insurer, you can register. When signing your insurance policy, be aware of the minimum requirements.

  • $25,000 minimum coverage for an injury or death.
  • Minimum insurance coverage of $50,000 for injury to or death of two or more people
  • $15,000 minimum coverage for property destruction and property damage
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Idaho Car Registration Requirements

To obtain your Idaho vehicle registration document, you will need to present:


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  • The current certificate of vehicle registration
  • Your social security number; your driving license.
  • Documentation proving residency
  • Certificate of inspection for the VIN
  • You must show proof that you have paid the registration fees.
  • You can choose to register for either 1 or 2 years. You will need to pay twice as much for a 2-year registration.

Dealership-purchased cars: Car dealers usually submit the vehicle title and documents for registration on their behalf.

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Vehicles purchased privately

The state of Idaho grants you 30 days to title your vehicle after purchasing it. Before you apply for registration, your car must be titled. Both registration and titling must be done in person.

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These documents are required to title a car new:

  • A completed copy of 3337 ITD - Application For Title Certificate
  • A copy of the 3403 ITD form for Vehicle Identification Number. Completed Final Inspection Report Certification
  • Inspections can either be done by one of the authorized representatives at the office or by local authorities.
  • An odometer reading must be taken for vehicles less than 16,000 pounds and older than 10 years.
  • Evidence of an active policy for car insurance with an Idaho licensed insurer
  • The ID card or driver’s license issued by Idaho.
  • You must provide proof of payment for the fees for the vehicle title and sales tax.

After you have titled the vehicle under your name, you will need to present:

  • The title of the vehicle.
  • The ID card or driver’s license issued by Idaho.
  • Evidence of an active policy for car insurance with an Idaho licensed insurer
  • You will need to provide proof of payment for vehicle registration fees in Idaho. This can be either for one or two years depending on your preference.
  • If the vehicle was given as a gift, the requirements for the registration of automobiles don't change.
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How do I transfer the registration of a vehicle in Idaho?

The following documents are required to transfer your registration between vehicles you own in Idaho:

  • The title of the vehicle;
  • You must submit the pink sheet from the dealership to transfer your plates to a new car.
  • The plates
  • You must provide proof of payment for the fee for plate transfer.
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Vehicle Registration from outside of Idaho or from Military

You can register your vehicle with Idaho DMV by mail, but not in person, for certain special circumstances. This is when you are temporarily residing out of state for military service, school or work.

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If this is the case, gather the following and submit it to us:

  • A fully completed title or a bill for sale.
  • ITD 3403 is for Hull or Vehicle Identification No. Inspection Certificate
  • Any DMV agent or law enforcement officer in the state where the vehicle is located can fill out this form.
  • For vehicles older than 10 years or less than 16,000 pounds, the odometer reading is 0.
  • This form 3368 ITD allows the Assessor to sign for the owner.
  • Copy of your proof of insurance and driver's license
  • You must provide proof of payment for the registration fees, title fees and sales tax.
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Inspections of Idaho Vehicles

VIN inspections You must submit your vehicle for a VIN inspection before you register your car in Idaho. You can either have this inspection done prior to registration by a local representative of law enforcement or by an agent of the Transportation Department of Idaho.

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Emissions inspectionsIdaho state officials conduct emissions tests to determine if there are any improper emissions that could impact the quality of the air. Some residents of the state are required to undergo testing. This testing is required every two years.

When the testing is due, you will be notified via mail. Idaho's DOT will revoke Idaho car registrations if owners ignore the testing.

Idaho license plates: Idaho plates can be either a standard or specialized style. When you apply to register your car, you can choose the Idaho license plate style.

To change a lost, damaged or stolen license plate you will need to present the following documents to the DMV office of the county:

  • The car registration document
  • For the plates fee, cash or check.
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