Posted on 12/12/22

Do You Need To Take Personal Items With You When Shipping Your Car

Do You Need To Take Personal Items With You When Shipping Your Car

It's tempting. You might be wrong. It may seem convenient to ship personal items in your car, but it is not worth the risk. Here's why...

Potential for damage

Transporting items can cause them to shift. The carrier policy does not cover items inside the vehicle if they are damaged. This means that you'll be responsible for any repairs or replacements. You can save yourself the hassle and stress. Pack an extra box, or two, and load them on the moving van.

Potential for theft

It is possible that your beloved item will go missing from the glove box. Many shippers won't make an inventory and you will not be able to list items inside the car on the contract. It's not worth it. Before you give the keys away, take the items out.


If you are lucky, car shipping will go without a hitch. Things don't always go according to plan. You may not receive items of value that you require immediately if they aren't available. You can avoid this by taking them out of your car before shipping.

You should remove all personal belongings from your car, including the trunk and glove box. You can leave spare tires and jumper cables behind. If you'll need them, don't forget the dog harness or child car seat. Shippers warn against leaving dangerous materials, firearms, or irreplaceable items in your vehicle.

Nevertheless, some companies allow the transport of non-valuable goods. To understand and meet the weight and placement requirements, make sure you carefully read your contract. You are responsible for any personal items that you ship in your vehicle. You are responsible for any personal items you send with your vehicle.