Posted on 10/18/21

Car Transportation Service

Car Transportation Service

If you need to ship your car across the United States, we have a solution for you! In addition to this, many people do not even know where to begin and find car shipping very confusing. Thereby, we can help if you need to transport your car locally across the United States. Move Car Auto Transport has focused on streamlining the car shipping process for many years as well as to make it extremely easy for our valuable clients. Additionally, we need to know your pick-up location, destination, vehicle type, and your timeline as we also provide door-to-door car shipping transportation services.

Moreover, you need to know that Move Car Auto Transport has even helped thousands of clients ship vehicles throughout the United States. Isn't it amazing? Nevertheless, every car carrier that Move Car chooses to work with is fully licensed, insured, and has a proven track record of reliability too. We have designed our routes accordingly so that, as a result, the scheduling time required however, may be relatively fewer business days comparatively for the United States car transport options.

Alongside, fill out the online form or call us now and you can get a free auto transport quote from us United States-wide.

Safe shipment across the United States

Moving to a new state requires a lot of planning. At the same time, however, if you have professionals to do it for you then you do not need to plan a safe shipment for your car. Move Car is here ready to take this responsibility!

In moving all vehicles within the United States, Move Car auto transport is highly proficient. Furthermore, to our valuable customers, we also provide a high degree of safety and enclosed transportation.

Moreover, regular notifications are also included in our service for your transport. Additionally, in a road collision, we can fix any damage with the insurance policy we provide. Furthermore, to prevent dangerous situations and in order to ensure that our drivers have time to rest alongside, our professional team plans out shipping routes carefully. 

Variety of shipping services

At Move Car, you can find several auto transport services and then choose accordingly. You can choose between oversized vehicle transport, door-to-door car shipping, and open car shipping service in the United States.

 At Move Car, to ensure that you work with the best vehicle transport service company in the United States, our professional auto transport company advisors work passionately. Move Car is widely considered one of the best auto transport service companies in the United States.

Open car shipping in the United States: For the customers seeking affordable, secure, and speedy door-to-door reliable service for the pick-up, shipping, and delivery, Move Car is the leader in providing the best open car shipping services in the United States. The most popular and economical of our vehicle shipping options is Available vehicle transport service in the United States.

Door-to-door auto transport in the United States: However, we claim to be the most reliable and the United States fast auto transport service provider, with years of experience. That’s how, working with us will provide you door-to-door car transportation service in the United States as for your convenience. Additionally, we keep things straightforward and clear for your comfort and satisfaction. Nevertheless, to deliver cars efficiently and safely is our mission.

Oversized vehicle transport in the United States: A large vehicle transport service is a rather tough job and demands professional and experienced assistance. However, the professionals of Move Car are responsible for handling every job and safely dropping your oversized vehicle in the United States at the desired destination. To get the job done perfectly and completely, we have the necessary and latest technology.

How is Move Car Auto Transport different?

Most importantly, we take customer service very seriously. Thereby, to make the whole process as easy as possible, we train our staff. In addition to this, we let you know how we make the United States car shipping experience to be seamless.

Here is how we stand out when it comes to seamless car shipping United States-wide:

  • Free auto transport quotes: Did you know? With no deposit required, we offer free auto transport service quotes. Yes, you heard it right! Thereby, we can even estimate the carrier transport costs to ship your vehicle by inputting your pick-up location, destination, and also vehicle data. However, we require no deposit to do so. Our quotes are comprehensive, free, completely transparent (meaning no hidden fees). They include the total estimated cost to transport your car safely.
  • Reliable, licensed, and Insured: You should know that our fair and accessible quote system as well as works based on the current market price to transport your car. Thereby, we are also willing to provide door-to-door service and take our time to find reliable auto carriers traveling your route. All of our transport carriers are entirely licensed, insured, and fully bonded. 
  • Accessible to schedule: We will help you pick up a date around your schedule as soon as a car carrier is assigned and the final price is set. Pick-up dates are not exact as you would know that each carrier is transporting several vehicles at a time. However, each date that we quote is as accurate as possible, we still strive to ensure this. In order to confirm your delivery schedule and provide 3-5 hours' notice too before the delivery driver arrives at your destination, we will call you hours before pick-up. 
  • Say no to upfront deposit: Move Car totally understands that you count on your car. We leave you waiting until a car carrier is assigned from us and do not charge any upfront deposit. Planning car transportation service for you is straightforward for us. We will never charge you an upfront deposit (not to forget it). Until we can secure a driver for your route, you will then not pay anything.

Reasons to transport a car to another state instead of driving it

There are several reasons that can make you ship your car to another state instead of driving it yourself. Thereby, we are here going to let you know why you should hire some reputable transport company to do this for you.

Able to move multiple cars: Many of the families among our audience would be a two-car family then in such a case there is a need of some better alternative to ship. That is to make multiple trips. If you ship both of your cars then you’d make your journey together with your partner or maybe one parent would stay with kids if they are very young.

To ship your car to another state can be cheaper:

We know that many of you assume driving yourself to some other state is comparatively less expensive. However, the reality is way different because there are other factors that affect it including hotels, gas, food, cost of wear and tear etc.

On the other hand, if you hire someone then you’d only be paying for the services and the trip cost.

To ship your car can be less stressful:

If you plan to move to another state, it can be quite stressful as you would have to deal with many things. There are logistics of relocation to consider as well as road trips with your kids. Above all, driving your car yourself can be pretty horrific.

Your car will be safer on a carrier:

On your way, you would need to face some dangerous routes as well. Whereas, the drivers that you hire from a reputable company are extremely trained and experienced that they drive defensively avoiding accidents. Alongside, your car will also be safe from any possible wear and tear while being on a carrier.

Calculating how much car shipping is from one state to another

Keep in mind that every transport company will provide you with its own estimate which would be different from some other transport company. However, you will probably find that there is not a great difference between them. Thereby, there are a few factors that are important to take into account in order to calculate the cost of car shipping to another state. We are enlisting them for you.

  • First and foremost, the make and model of the car.
  • The total distance that the car will travel.
  • The mode of transport that has been chosen.
  • The cost of fuel used for transportation.
  • The drop off and pick-up locations.
  • Season and weather conditions applicable at the time of your transportation.
  • Depends on if your vehicle is operational or not.
  • Lastly, the value of your car.

Furthermore, the easiest way for you to calculate the cost of shipping your car to another state is using a car shipping calculator. It is rather the best way to have a rough idea of how much you’d be paying for the shipping. You’ll just need to enter all the relevant details about your car and your destination, the online tool will do the rest for you.