Posted on 07/29/22

Buyers Beware Of Online Auto Sale Scams

Buyers Beware Of Online Auto Sale Scams

This is almost a scam. It allows buyers to bypass the salesperson at the dealership and buy a car online. Sounds like a great deal. The problem is that sometimes there is no car and sometimes the car is broken goods.

recent scams involving autos online and the potential for these scams to continue. Online purchasing of vehicles is the latest scam. Although it might not be the most secure and logical way of buying a car it is very attractive to those who don't want to make the trip to a dealership. They can view photos of the vehicle on the website, which is fake.

The transaction ends once the money has been sent. The website does not send a vehicle, and the buyer ends up with thousands of dollars. These scams have been around for some time now and many have been stopped by the BBB. The BBB believes these types of scams will flourish, as it is now so simple to create a website anonymously.

What should you be looking out for when dealing with these auto sales scams online?

Three Signs You Know It's a Scam Online


It's possible that the price is too high to be true. StarTribune was told by one buyer that he bought a Corvette he wanted all his life for $35,000. This price could have been too high or low depending on the vehicle's condition. As an informed buyer, you should compare the prices of different vehicles online. You can easily identify scam websites by doing extensive research and finding out what the vehicle's cost should be.

Address of the Company

The address for most scams involving online auto sales is false. Make sure you verify the legitimacy of any online company before you wire or send money. One of the reported cases was that a potential buyer searched for the address of the Minnesota company and had a relative who lived nearby check it out. His relative found a completely different company, which had no knowledge of online auto sales, when he arrived at the address.

Before you make a purchase, it is advisable to verify the address. It can be difficult, however, as most people who purchase vehicles online do so from faraway locations. Make sure to do as much research as you can. If you know someone in the area, ask them to check out the address of the company.

There are no testimonials

Many companies survive these days by word of mouth and referrals. If there is no testimonial, review or rating on the website, it could be a sign that the company is not trustworthy. While good companies thrive from positive reviews, scammers and shady companies might try to hide negative reviews. Before you send any money to a company, do your research.

Online Auto Sales and Car Shipping

Online auto sales that are bogus are not the only problem buyers should be wary of. While some online auto sellers may be legitimate, they may not conduct business in an honest manner.

Online sales of vehicles can be difficult for customers to inspect and verify that the vehicle is in good condition. Online sellers may claim that the vehicle is in top shape.

You may find damages when the vehicle is delivered to you by the owner. The online company that ships the vehicle can easily claim the damage to the shippers if they use an auto transport company.

The trucker and the owner of the vehicle must inspect the vehicle carefully for any pre-existing damage before it is picked up to be transported. After assessing the damages, the Bill of Lading is created. Before the vehicle can be shipped, both the shipper as well as the trucker must sign the Bill of Lading. It is easy to forget about pre-existing damage if the vehicle has been shipped at night or covered in dust. The buyer will see the extent of the damage once the vehicle has been delivered.

It could take months for the dispute to be settled, as the Bill of Lading was signed both by the trucker and the online business. The customer has spent thousands of dollars to repair the vehicle. Sometimes the vehicle's damage may not be visible from the outside. This can make it difficult to see the problem until you actually drive it.

Although buying a car online seems like a good idea, buyers need to be cautious. Be aware of scams and do your research before you make a purchase online. The extra effort and time saved could mean thousands to thousands of dollars in savings.

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