Posted on 07/22/22

Automation is the King

Automation is the King

It used to be very easy to understand the technological landscape.

There were tech companies that created technology solutions for businesses. Businesses of all types depended on these solutions to improve their operations and provide tools for their customers to make their work easier.

This was when things changed. Leading businesses realized that, while it was more convenient and cheaper to use "out-of-the-box" solutions from tech companies, these solutions were not designed to meet the needs and challenges of their customers and industries. They looked to those who were most familiar with their industry to help them address their customers' specific needs, solve problems, and alleviate the pain associated with doing business in their respective industries.

Move Car is no exception to this rule.

The majority of people don't see the auto transport industry needing to be technologically advanced. We simply drive a truck to pick up a vehicle, then drive to a destination to deliver it. This is all you need. We realized that our business is much more than that. Although the basic concept of picking up and delivering a car is simple, it was not the most complex and efficient way to organize all the moving parts and maintain seamless communication with customers.

This realization led us to a simple conclusion. It was obvious that someone had to fix it. Why not us?

Move Car is unique in our industry because we have a full-time development team. This team ensures that our customers have the best possible experience working with us through technology. This team's work and innovation are what make us one of America's most respected auto transport companies.

They have directly been responsible for helping to create technologies that service our customers through our unique car shipping rate calculator found on our website and also integrated within vehicle detail pages of some of the top auto consumer websites, our customers can receive instant customized quotes online.

Their latest creation, an industry-first, is "Miles Ahead", an auto transport portal that's designed to serve our enterprise partners. Our portal integrates directly with leading van line/relocation firms throughout the US, who rely on us to serve their auto transport needs.

No matter your industry, you will always need "out-of-the-box" software like Salesforce or QuickBooks. It will never go away. Companies will need to be able to meet the technology needs of customers and develop custom solutions.