Posted on 03/22/22

Auto Auctions Transport How Much Does Shipping Cost For Copart Cars

Auto Auctions Transport How Much Does Shipping Cost For Copart Cars

Ask any car auction company to ship your car from a Copart in Miami to your garage in Los Angeles. They'll likely charge you more than $2000. This can add up quickly and be very costly.

A professional auto transporter can help you save up to 50% on your car shipping costs.

Copart is not an auto transport company so they may not be able to pay attention to your vehicle's safety. Professionals are the best choice, as they have the necessary equipment and knowledge to safely transport salvage vehicles with tow trucks from Copart Auction to your location.

After you win a bid, car auction companies allow you to ship your vehicle in three days. Before you lock your purchase deal, make sure to research everything you can do to manage your vehicle's shipping. This will ensure that pickup is within three days. Also, it will let you know how much it will cost.

This article will explain everything. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the auctioned vehicle buying and shipping process.

What is the shipping cost to ship your vehicle at an auto auction

It is important to understand the pricing structure for Copart auto shipping and other car transport options. This might be different from what you would pay for standard car shipping.

For safe transport, auctioned vehicles require more care and effort. It can also cost more. Additionally, seasonal increases in shipping options may result in higher rates.

Shipping an auction car can cost a lot of money. There are many factors that affect the price, but the most important factor is how far you need to travel from your pickup point to the storage area. As the essential payment, companies will typically charge a per-mile average. However, this price decreases with increasing miles.

The nominal charges for car transport trips of between 1 and 500 miles are typically around $1 per mile. This rate drops to $0.75 per mile for trips greater than 501 miles and is even lower for longer distances.

This information will give you an estimate of the cost of your trip. However, it is not a guarantee that you will find low-priced bargains to save money.

The bottom line: How can you get the best price for bidding on and shipping auctioned vehicles

Distance is the main component of the auto transport cost. It must be kept as low as possible. This is why it's best to choose a car you like and then bid on it from an auction house near your home.

It doesn't matter if you have hired a shipping company, or locked the transport contract with an auction company; bidding from the closest location will always be preferred to obtain the best price on your purchase and transport.

You might not find the car you want at the auction. You will need to calculate the amount of payment that you need. To get this information, you can also use our auto shipping cost calculator (hyperlink).

Also, you can get a free estimate without having to pay any cashier's fee and receive the money that you need.

How Copart auto shipping works, and how to start with an auto transport company

A car that is ''totaled" will be taken to an auto auctions company. When the vehicle's value is less than what is required to fix it, it is considered totaled. The vehicle is usually offered for auction by the insurance company. Anyone can view the online listings of auction companies to see the list of such cars.

If you or a friend are interested in buying classic cars at auctions, contact the transport company immediately after you have won the bid. You should also estimate your shipping costs. To participate in auctions you must register for bidder's identification.

The auction company will give buyers three days to pick the vehicle up from Copart after they have won the bid. You must arrange car shipping within the timeframe or you will be charged storage fees each additional day after the sale.

With so little time, it is important to take proactive steps to handle your shipping company. You must first have done your expense calculations to determine which shipping company you should choose.

You will need to contact the company and give all details about shipping. Make sure you pick up your vehicle at Copart and have it delivered to your address. The auto transport company or dealers will then share their schedule for picking up your vehicle from Copart. Before picking up your car from the Copart auto, their drivers will inspect it and give you details.

Auto transport auctions will confirm that vehicle inspection has been completed. Some of these services include vehicle inspection. You can also check if they offer inspection services that are not included in shipping costs.

The shipping driver will then load your car onto his trailer and begin his journey to deliver it at the drop-off point. If everything goes smoothly, your car will reach its destination in a few days. This is possible if you are familiar with the precautions to ensure the best shipping (hyperlink).

This article will provide some insight into the precautions that should be taken when auctioning vehicles. Let's explore:

These are the most well-known and largest US auto auction companies. To register, they will only require your driver's license. After you have registered yourself, you will be able to access the auctioned cars online using your password and ID.

  • Manheim.
  • Copart.
  • IAAI (Insurance Auto Auction).
  • ADESA.

Manheim only lists used, but unaffected vehicles of all types. Automobiles, motorcycles pickup trucks, crossovers SUVs, crossovers RVs, travel trailers, boats, and heavy equipment.

Copart covers not only the US but also vehicle auctions in Canada, the UK. They cover used wholesale and salvaged vehicles.

IAA, partially damaged, salvage and clear-title vehicles, parts and cars, SUVs and motorcycles across the US and the same with ADESA, an auto auction insurance company. The company also offers vehicle transportation online booking.

These auctions cover all major states in the USA and Canada, including North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia. North Dakota, South Dakota. Rhode Island. new Mexico. new jersey. new Hampshire. Texas. Virginia. You can also check the websites of companies from other states or contact your local dealer if you are a buyer.

It is necessary to confirm the driver and to sign the trip with the shipping company. You will need to provide the following information:

  • Buyers ID
  • Stock number a lot
  • VIN code
  • If applicable, gate pass

How do you choose the best Copart shipping agency

While the auto auction company you have purchased a car from is the best option, it's worth looking into other options. You have many options to choose the best broker or shipping company for your vehicle delivery.

Here are the top three most important things you should do before making this decision.

Rates and Ratings

If a company charges high or has a

poor reputation on the market, there is no other important factor you should look for. As a general rule, you should first compare prices. Once you have a clear idea of where you want to pick up and drop off your luggage, and the distance you will be traveling, you can compare the shipping costs of different companies. This will allow you to determine the best price options.

But, the cheapest company won't guarantee safe and reliable transport of your vehicle. It is also important to compare the reputation of each company. Reviews and ratings can be compared to almost any other company. You can also view the company's overall experience.

Registers, Experience, and Expertise

Valid licenses should be obtained by the company, such as the FMCSA MC number and the commercial driving license for the drivers who work in the shipping company.

Ratings are a good indicator of the company's success and experience. However, it is important to ensure that your company has the skills and tools to ship auctioned cars. Auctioned cars often are not in their original condition so you will need to take extra care when transporting them. Companies with good reputations and skilled workers often charge higher prices, but they will deliver your vehicle in the same condition as when they picked it up.

These companies often have a good understanding of the vehicle's value and can load or unload vehicles with ease.

Choose the company that understands time constraints and manages all things smoothly

It is important that the company understands the time constraints for auto auction companies. If your auction is locked before the weekend, you will need to ensure that it is picked up within three days in order to avoid being charged storage fees. The company should be familiar with the requirements of these auction houses.

Copart and IAA have very limited operating hours. They are open between 8 AM and 4:30 PM. This means that the shipping company and drivers need to be aware of these limitations in order to ensure timely pickup.

Disaster Management as a trait of a shipping company

If the driver is unable to drive due to vehicle problems, the shipping company should have backup drivers at an auction nearby. They must be aware of the situation and be able to handle the delivery from that spot.

Experience in auctioned automobile shipping

Copart shipping should be something the company has experience with. They should have experience in Copart shipping. It is best to have good working relationships with local auction companies. This will make it easier for drivers to pick up their vehicles on time.

Vehicle Inspection Services

When it comes to car condition at pick up, don't rely on auction handlers. It is possible for the vehicle to be in a different state than what was listed on the auction board. A good driver will inspect the vehicle before you pick it up and can send you photos. To avoid the worst, these companies might charge an extra for a thorough inspection.

Auto Transport Tips:

You now know all the details, from how to calculate your shipping costs to choosing the best shipping company.

Below are some practical tips that can help you avoid potential problems.

Get fully prepared:

Before you can ship your car, make sure that all necessary preparations are made.

Make your full payment:

Before you can pick up your vehicle from an auction company, you must pay the full amount. Be mindful of how you budget your purchase.

Save storage fees with

If you don't pick up your car in the timeframe that an auction company gives, they will start charging you for storage. You should arrange pick-up before the auction ends.

Create your pickup plan and follow it:

Get in touch with your service provider to verify and forward any documents that are required for smooth delivery.

Give precise delivery details to your auto shipping agency:

Make sure you share your exact delivery address to make your car delivery real.

Learn which trailer to hire for shipping an auction car:

A trailer with a winch is best for cars that are not mobile. If your shipping distance exceeds 1000 miles, you might be able to skip the trailer with a winch. Instead, hire a local forklift to load your car at the drop-off point. This will save you money.

Check out the legal status of your vehicle:

It is important to ensure that the address where you are delivering the vehicle is legal and compatible with its title.


You should not settle for less than the best. Instead, search for companies that offer quality services at affordable prices. This is why we have all the information you need to help you make an informed decision. You can also explore our transportation services to auction vehicle shipping and let experts manage everything.