Posted on 12/14/22

Are There Additional Fees I Am Being Charged

Are There Additional Fees I Am Being Charged

It's not always easy to see the whole picture. There are additional costs that you should consider when quoting for car transport. However, this doesn't mean that they should be hidden from you. We will explain what these additional costs are so that you can be a knowledgeable customer during the entire process.

What's in Your Quote

Price is an important factor when selecting a car transport company. Transporting a vehicle, especially from one coast to the other, can be expensive. You can budget by knowing what is included in your initial transport quote. The following will be included in your initial quote:

  • Distance your car travels
  • Type of transport (open, enclosed, or combination)
  • It will cost you gas to transport your vehicle
  • Service fee

Because they are basically 'brokering' most of the deals they make, many companies will require an initial deposit or an 'initiation fee'. Do not do business with companies that ask for deposits. You shouldn't pay for something that hasn’t worked for you. Move Car doesn't charge any upfront fees or deposits until we find the right carrier for you. We also filter out more than 80 percent of the 7,000 US carriers so you only get the best!

Additional fees to budget for

Your quote will be more expensive if you are specific about the delivery date and vehicle type. If you have a rare or vintage vehicle that you require to be delivered within a certain time frame, you may need to pay an expedited delivery fee and closed transportation fee. If you are willing to allow your Toyota Camry to be delivered within two states and you have a flexible delivery date, there will not be any additional charges. You are more flexible, and a smoother transportation process.

You can enjoy a stress-free experience by knowing what the additional costs will be and budgeting accordingly. Move Car makes it easy to transport your car by eliminating 80% of the carriers that aren't worthy of our attention. You can contact us at or read our positive reviews to find out more!