Posted on 01/27/23

An Inside Look At The Process Of Relocating Rental Cars With A Car Shipping Company

An Inside Look At The Process Of Relocating Rental Cars With A Car Shipping Company

Are you considering relocating a rental car across the country? Several car moving companies offer rental car relocation as an added service. Whether you are relocating a small car or a large one, this article can help with the moving service as smoothly as possible.

Reasons you need to know to relocate your cars.

Rental often rent vehicles in major metropolitan areas or airports and mail order them to the branches in secondary towns where there is little demand. Most of your fleet should be located outside of locations where it is a priority for your rental pickups to be taken care of as possible. We know how important your fleet of vehicles is to your operation, so we strive to move most of your rental cars to locations where there is usually a lot of demand.

Another reason to relocate a rental car is the main reason for changing your company’s fleet may have to do with adding more inventories to your lot or changing the target market for your existing fleet. The branch that used to be slower has seen a significant increase in business, and you want to shift cars from it to maximize profitability.

How the Average Car Gets Rented?

Customers may commonly purchase a vehicle they drove to generate revenue by offering the automobile in bulk to rental companies. In this way, it may also be profitable for automobile manufacturers.

In addition to buying new vehicles outright, you will still be dealing with manufacturers and using vehicles at recent locations. To relocate a rental car, many motor vehicle manufacturers already work with car transport companies to ship new vehicles. If yours doesn’t, it may be worthwhile for you to establish cooperation.

The fleet replacement timeline: What do you need to know?

A survey indicates that many rental-car fleets last between 4 and 2 years. Whether the range of automobiles is in a big city, you may have to factor in the additional wear and tear some of these cars sustain. Once you have reached your auto-rental fleet limit, you will be removed from the fleet, but your company may have an age limit that marks the end of a car’s useful life.

Additionally, your vehicle could hit a company limit before it hits the mileage limit. Other factors may influence people to relocate a rental car.

Enterprise Holdings, Hertz, and Avis Budget hire more than 2 million cars annually, and more than 90% of those vehicles are sold yearly. That indicates that only a few vehicle shipping companies are buying cars for rental firms around the country.

Options for relocating your fleet:

Your shipping requirements will vary depending on whether you are replacing an entire branch of inventory with new vehicles or changing your selection of vehicles between cities. Car rental relocation is not just one thing, after all. Here, we will detail the options available for relocating vehicles, outlining the pros and cons of each one.

  • Having Employees Move Cars

To relocate a rental car, you can assign your employees the task of moving vehicles from city to city, so long as you are confident in their driving skills and the area they are travelling to and from is relatively easy to cover. Because you are giving them an hourly rate, it's already working for you. They may also know precisely what goes into running a fleet when they see how important it is to stick to a timetable. On the side of contrast, this is not an option for large fleet relocation, and your employees will be off-site for several hours on some days.

  • Are you hiring a professional? Here are some tips

Many people work for companies that relocate a rental cars. Various individuals provide them with a commission by shuttling automobiles from city to city. Some drive for car rental businesses every day for different days. The most incredible benefit of hiring freelance drivers is that they often have low rates. Even if you carefully vet your freelance drivers, they might not always be accessible when you need them.

  • Direct Work with Auto Transport Companies

Compared to solo independent drivers, booking through an automobile transportation company are more advantageous than carrying cars alone. Many businesses promoting the idea of relocating a rental car find working with specialists somewhat functional, not simply for worry-free moving but for F-acting inventory replacement. You will be sure that the auto shipping service you call to dispatch your car is appropriately insured and qualified. Shipping moving companies will guarantee the safety of your vehicle. You can get a discount on bulk relocation, and there will not be any wear on your cars so they will last longer in your fleet. Typically, price is one of the obstacles you face; you may take advantage of bulk offers. In addition, departure time is usually inflexible in certain situations.

  • Renters to move cars for you

To relocate a rental car, one of the choices we offer is to give deeply discounted one-way rentals to drivers who locate their rentals in better areas near their destination. For your automobiles to arrive safely at the rental fleet, we can recommend the services of a rental car relocation agency and have some rides chauffeured by an inspiring staff. Using rental vehicles is a wise option because it moves cars along a route they would have travelled anyhow, so relocation is not putting undue mileage on it. The biggest con is uncertainty. Drivers who prefer to relocate a rental car or rent a vehicle through a relocation service could have falsified their driving records or failed to report a prior criminal record. You are out of luck when you don't have any drivers left.

  • How to Choose the Perfect Car Shipping Company for your Needs

You focus on moving multiple vehicles at one time. Does the capacity of qualified staff allow employees who can drive cars between smaller branches to run larger ones or back to your transport area? The answer to your question is yes. With the help of long-term contracts or partnership with a Transportation Company that offers auto relocation services, you can free yourself to concentrate on drawing up a long-term contract or business with one transportation company. All you need to know from there is which vehicles must be where and when they got here. The auto relocation company that helps people rent a rental car will take care of that, allowing you to build your business.


Car shipping companies can be an excellent resource for those looking to relocate a rental car. They are efficient, convenient, and can save you money on moving your vehicles. If you are considering moving and need to transport your rental cars, consider using a Car Shipping Company.