Posted on 06/15/22

Americans Living In Other Countries

Americans Living In Other Countries

It is true that America can be a wonderful place to live, but that doesn't mean you won't need to change your surroundings from time to time. We are interested in all things related to transportation so we wanted to know which places Americans most often visit after succumbing to wanderlust.

This article lists the top ten places where you can find an American expat. Some entries are quite surprising. Germany ranks 4th with more than 100 000 Americans living within its borders. This is less surprising, though, considering that the US has maintained a strong military presence in the country since 1945.

The likely suspects are also included. The top two countries on the list are Canada and Mexico at number one and 2. The United Kingdom is next. It's not across the pond, but there are no language barriers. Except for some accents, it's not that different than the USA. There aren't any surprises here, except perhaps the fact that there have been more immigrants from Mexico to the United States in recent years than vice versa.

We won't spoil the rest of this list. We want to emphasize that there are rules when it comes to taking your vehicle abroad. You need to be aware of the risks and costs involved in having your vehicle shipped internationally. It is important that you have the process managed by a trusted company. Learn more about our overseas car shipping process here.

It can be challenging to get around in a foreign country. Make sure your car arrives in good condition and on time.