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Move Car voted #1 in Arkansas as the best auto transport services company.

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Move Car voted #1 in Arkansas as the best auto transport services company.

Move Car Gives Safe and reliable Arkansas car shipping services

Arkansas is home to former President Bill Clinton. However, there's more to Arkansas than meets your eye. You will want to take your car around the Midwestern state, taking in beautiful scenery and sampling some of the finest Midwest BBQ.

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Arkansas is home to former President Bill Clinton. However, you might also be interested in driving your van, truck, or other vehicles to chase twisters. Pine Bluff, Little Rock AR, and Fort Smith are some of Arkansas' most visited locations. Move Car can provide excellent vehicle transport services for those who plan to visit Arkansas.

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Arkansas Car Shipping Companies near Me

Are you searching for car transport companies in Arkansas? Arkansas is centrally situated, but you may still be interested in Transport Car Company to move you vehicle to your destination. This is especially useful if you are the one shipping your truck, and want to minimize the risk of having to haul your car. You can eliminate the hassle of driving by choosing a reliable and trustworthy auto transport company.

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Tips for Using Arkansas Car Transport Companies

You can use your car to travel around Fort Smith in Arkansas. Here are some key points to help you book Arkansas auto shipping.

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Locate terminals: Arkansas is smaller than California. You will want to make sure that your Arkansas car shipping company has terminals available to deliver your vehicle to any city or town in Arkansas.

Get instant quotations from Arkansas vehicle shipping companies, or talk to a broker online. It all depends on whether you plan to deliver the shipment directly to your home or to Fort Smith, Arkansas. Get instant quotes from several Arkansas auto transport companies to ensure you receive the best possible service and the most affordable price. Check out their BBB-accredited reviews of the shippers that you plan to use to ship your vehicle.

Before you hand over your vehicle to shippers, check all fluids. Depending on where you are shipping your car in Arkansas you might have access to an auto shop that can service your vehicle during your trip.

This Natural State offers a slow pace lifestyle and plenty of activities, such as chasing twisters or visiting small towns like Pine Bluff, North Little Rock, or Fort Smith. You can inspect your car before shipping it to Arkansas.


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Long Distance Auto Transport from/to Arkansas

Arkansas Auto Transport can transport your car anywhere in Arkansas. We can also move it across the country to other countries. An auto transport vehicle carrier is better if you have a long-distance to move a car or other heavy equipment to Arkansas.

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You should take into account fuel, travel time, transport type, and food costs when calculating car transport costs. Arkansas auto transport car carriers can deliver up to 12 cars per hour, so each customer pays the difference. It is cheaper to ship a car via a vehicle shipping company, even if you consider the salary of the driver. Get a quote from our auto transport company right away.

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Arkansas Cheap Car Transportation Options

Your choice of the auto transport company will have a significant impact on the final cost. Avoid Arkansas car transport companies that have low rates or unusually high backgrounds. They may attempt to con you. Choose a Transport Arkansas car shipping firm that has been in business for a long time.

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However, smaller Arkansas car shipping firms may not offer as many services. Their transport system may not be flexible enough to allow them to charge more for every auto transport. These vehicle shipping companies might not know the shortest route to Arkansas. This is why their rates are usually higher.

A large, established company such as Move Car is the best choice for affordable auto transport. Our rates are low because of our large fleet and the technology that we use every year.

Our open carriers and terminals can help reduce the cost of car shipping. Our auto transport seasonal deals will also be beneficial. If you meet certain criteria, there are other popular quotes that you can also use. For more information, please call.


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Luxury and Classic Car Shipping to Arkansas

Open vehicle carriers ship your car to the destination you specify. You may still want an enclosed vehicle to transport your car to the destination you desire.

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The enclosed carriers provide a safe environment for your car. They are free from scratches or bumps caused by weather conditions or accidental movements of trailers. Enclosed car shipping carriers have access to facilities that require minimal parking. They protect antique and luxurious vehicles from dirt, road debris, and the elements in Arkansas. You can be certain that your vehicle will arrive safely at its destination with the Transport Arkansas option.

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Arkansas Special Discounts

Special discounts are available for seniors and students who wish to move their car from Arkansas to Arkansas. Special discounts are available for service members who move vehicles. Clients can also take advantage of seasonal discounts on auto transport throughout the year. To find out if you are eligible for any discounts, call our mobile number.

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Arkansas Auto Transport Safety Measures

You may be concerned about your car being left in someone else's hands for even a few minutes, let alone days. It's less likely that your car will get damaged because it's being transported across the country on a trailer.

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Flat tires can happen when you drive your vehicle. Your car may get damaged, something could go wrong, and your vehicle will be exposed to the elements. There is no risk of your car malfunctioning if it is not running. Auto transport is the best Arkansas car shipping option, no matter what your perspective.

The platform will hold your vehicle securely so it doesn't move. The beams and cars around your car will protect it from the elements as you transport it to Arkansas. If anything happens to your vehicle, the Arkansas auto transport company will be held responsible. Your vehicle is also insured during the entire auto transport. Auto transport is very risk-free when you ship your car to Arkansas.

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How do I request a shipping cost estimate

A form has been created for customers to get a price estimate from Arkansas car shipping companies. Fill out the form and you will receive an instant quote. Make sure to read and fill in all fields. If you don't, the instant quote will not be accurate.

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You can also contact us by calling the number at the top. This method can save clients up to 15%. Our staff has years of experience in this field and can sometimes help clients reduce their costs if they are fully informed.

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Arkansas Car Transport Companies Directory

Webster Hauling

It is a family-owned Arkansas auto transport company. They are committed to providing excellent customer service and ensuring that their customers continue to be their business. They will take the stress out of your Arkansas auto transport needs and provide the type of service that you would expect from a professional Arkansas auto transportation nationwide service.

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ABF Freight System Inc

This auto shipping company is based in North Little Rock AR and offers a variety of transport options depending on your requirements in Arkansas. For those who need regional Arkansas vehicle transport, Arkansas auto transport is an option. Offers enclosed and open-air trailers, pick-ups, and ships nationwide--door-to-door deliveries. Arkansas auto shipping company will ensure that your vehicle arrives at your home or office. This company won't be the cheapest or most affordable option for shipping a car to Arkansas.

Fatt Boyzz Auto Transport

This auto transport service helps customers get their car, motorcycle, or boat from Little Rock to Los Angeles. To book car shipping services in Arkansas, simply call the Arkansas car transportation company.

Mamo Transportation Inc

The Bryant, Arkansas-based heavy equipment hauling company has been in business for many years. They offer friendly drivers and first-rate customer care. There are also a number of options for car shipping to Arkansas. This company has received positive reviews from customers. We can help you get your vehicle or heavy equipment to Arkansas by calling our Arkansas auto transport company number.

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Register Your Car in Arkansas

If you are a new resident or just purchased your vehicle, it is mandatory to register it in Arkansas. The registration of a vehicle must be completed within 30 days of the purchase or settlement of Arkansas. This should be done through the.

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If your registration is expired, you must apply for a new one.

New applicants: You must have the following information before you register your vehicle in Arkansas as another resident who has established their residency. This can be done after you have established your residency.

These are the things you should do:

  • Transfer the title from your previous state to AR
  • Get the minimum AR coverage you need

You should assign your claim the same day that the vehicle is registered.

Are you just moving in but have not yet established residency? You don't have to be anxious. The Department of Motor Vehicles can provide the information you need to complete your transfer requirements.

register your car

Registration for new arrivals

Register your vehicle without the assistance of a third party. Then, give the following information to the Arkansas Open Market Value office that deals with revenue:

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  • The current registration certificate that you obtained from your former state
  • This is the declaration that the person who transferred the car or leased it to you has signed the title. The car has been fully paid for.
  • You can prove that you have Arkansas car coverage
  • Complete application for the registration of (10-381).
  • A disclosure statement about the odometer and a proper sale account
  • This is proof that your vehicle has been either evaluated or is on the county's list for evaluation within the year.
  • You can prove that you have paid property taxes by providing your tax receipt from the current county and an assessment letter. The assessment letter should include a stamp confirming the First Assessment.
  • You must show proof of payment for all registration fees
registeration of new vehicle

Registration for Your automobile

No matter if you're new or a resident of the area, you must register your vehicle and have it titled at the Office of Motor Vehicle. No matter how legally you got the car, it is important that you get this done under your name.

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If you purchased your vehicle outside Arkansas, the guide on title transfers will help you to complete a transfer. These documents should be presented to the Arkansas Motor Vehicle Revenue Office.

If your vehicle was purchased in Arkansas or has 3003001 on its title, you will need to submit an Arkansas automobile account of sales separately.

Want to know more about how to register your car? Reach out to Arkansas' revenue office for more information.

  • A signed MCO is required for new vehicles. You will also need a document called Vehicle title to prove ownership.
  • Send your original copy of the agreement signed and dated by the legal leasing agent.
  • A request for automobile registration will assist in recording and claiming your vehicle.
  • If your car is more than ten years old, you will need to have information on the Odometer Disclosure of the vehicle on the tile. You can also present an AR automobile account with the same information on the odometer disclosure.
  • VIN verification of a salvaged vehicle purchased outside the state requires time.
  • An older confirmation from the authorities that your vehicle or truck was accessed or listed indicates this.
  • Property tax is not exempt from tax. These are some examples of such charges:
  • Receipt of the county fee
  • A stamp usually authenticates all taxes paid.
  • Payment of full registration fee
  • The Arkansas certificate of registration must be presented. This certificate will enable you to transfer your existing car's plates onto the new vehicle.

Money Required to Register

Here are the criteria that will determine how your car's registration fee will be calculated.

  • The type of your vehicle (a motorbike or big truck, a car, etc.)
  • The gross weight of your vehicle
  • The specific fees applicable to your title
  • The design of your car's plate number
  • All taxes in your administrative district
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There may be some variation in the fees depending on the vehicle's characteristics, but the general registration fees are:

Claims and recording fees

  • 4,501 lbs. $above: $30
  • Vans and trucks: $21.
  • Two hundred fifty ccs and above: $7.
  • Below 250 cc, $3.


  • The price tax of 6.5% applies to prices above $4000
  • A tax of 7% is charged to residents of Texarkana
  • When applicable, the local tax is dependent on where you live.
  • Local taxes will not exceed $25 per 1%

Every automobile is subject to a proof decal fee. The AR OMV's Fee schedule will give you the exact amount. For any questions regarding the correct calculation of your fees, please contact the Motor Vehicle office.


money required to register

Are You Late Registering?

You have 30 days to register your car. Make sure you do it within this time frame. You would be required to pay if your car is not legally registered within the time limit.

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  • Register late and pay $30
  • You will be responsible for 10% of the cash owed if sales taxes are paid late

You didn't use your car within the required 30 days of registering it? You will not have to pay a late registration charge if you do.

It is important to present a document certifying that your vehicle has not been used. This will ensure you are exempt from late payments.

To transfer your vehicle's registration to your new vehicle, you will need to pay $1. If the vehicle is transferred to a heavier car, an additional fee will apply. Transfers from heavier cars than the ones being transferred are not eligible for refunds.

late register

Procedures to Record Automobiles for Armed Forces

Here are the details for military personnel for Arkansas residents and non-residents.

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Armed forces personnel living in AR: The same procedure applies to US military personnel who reside in Arkansas. If you wish to register the vehicle and have it stationed outside of Arkansas, please contact the Motor Vehicle office AR.

If you aren't a resident but are posted in Arkansas, what options do you have? If you are a member of the AR armed forces personnel but do not reside in Arkansas, there are two options:

Non-resident personnel is exempt from any property or assessment taxes imposed on car owners who wish to register.

You can also visit the revenue office for the statement of earnings. This report will verify the information about your home. Next, you can register without the need to pay personal or assessment taxes.

It is not possible to register your automobile outside Arkansas. It is impossible to register your car outside of Arkansas.

It is important to have a valid VIM inspection number for any vehicle that is salvaged before you register it. Visit any local law enforcement agency and request a vehicle identification number inspection. Certified local law enforcement personnel can perform this inspection.

  • You can keep the registration from your old residence
  • Register your car or truck in Arkansas
record automobiles

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