Posted on 01/04/23

Winter Car Shipping

Winter Car Shipping

Many car shippers who are first-time are surprised to learn that there is no set schedule for car hauling. Car shipping schedules are not like those for planes, trains, or buses which have a regular schedule from common hubs. They vary from week to week because each route is different.

Shipping a car during the winter can present some unique challenges, but at Move Car Shipping Broker, we're equipped to handle them.

Here's how we ensure a smooth winter car shipping experience for our customers:

  • Experienced carriers: We work with carriers who have experience shipping cars in winter weather conditions. They know how to properly prepare and protect your car during transport.

  • Enclosed carriers: For added protection against the elements, we offer enclosed carrier options. Your car will be fully protected from snow, ice, and other winter weather.

  • Real-time tracking: Our real-time tracking system allows you to monitor the progress of your car's shipment, so you know exactly where it is at all times.

  • Flexible pickup and delivery: We understand that winter weather can be unpredictable. That's why we offer flexible pickup and delivery options to ensure that your car is shipped on time.

Car haulers may serve the same areas as others (some only the Midwest), but they don't always start or end at the exact same spot. Car haulers do not follow the same route every single time. Each customer gets a different pick-up and delivery location. Some runs take longer than others and sometimes logistics allows for a faster turnaround.

The routes are different for each truckload. Car shipping times are also subject to weather, traffic, and maintenance issues. Your driver cannot foresee or control certain situations. It's important to be flexible with your car shipping schedule, no matter what season.

It shouldn't surprise, then, that winter poses the greatest challenge for predictable driving times. The weather can be very bad. One bad snowstorm can shut down a whole region for several days. That slowdown affects both trucks being hauled and vehicles waiting to be transported. In fact, there are months when the backlog is so large that frustrated shippers cancel and resign from multiple haulers as though there weren't enough truckers affected by the snow.

Important to remember that drivers observe holidays the same way you do. It is possible that car hauler availability may be limited during the weeks between Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. This fact tends to drive up the prices for holidays, and some markets even into January.

We understand how valuable your time is, and we wish that we could offer timing guarantees. The truth is, there is no guarantee at this time of the year. If you have friends or neighbors who can help you plan for the worst, it will save you time and frustration. Call us if you have any questions about car hauling delays or other car hauling issues.

Don't let winter weather put a damper on your car shipping plans. Choose Move Car Shipping Broker for reliable and stress-free service. Contact us today to get started.