Posted on 12/11/21

Why You Should Ship Your Vehicle To School

Why You Should Ship Your Vehicle To School

A big step in any young person's lives is leaving home to go to college. Comfortable comforts are important when starting a new chapter. This includes a familiar blanket, family photos, and your trusted vehicle.

Consider the following benefits to having a car on your college journey, whether you are a student or a parent of a young adult who is returning or starting college.

Why is a car necessary for college?


College students have a busy life. Between classes, work, internships, clubs, and social activities, it is often very hectic. A car allows you to get around quickly and easily, even in bad weather. If you live in a small town, rideshares and taxis might not be available when you need them.


Although rideshares and taxis are common modes of transportation, background checks may not always be done on drivers. You can avoid taking additional risk by driving yourself.


Your own vehicle gives you flexibility and freedom to travel where you want. You can travel on your own schedule and make stops as you please, whether you are returning home from a vacation or visiting family.

You don't have to consider location when choosing where to live, work and eat.

Cost savings

You might have friends in another state or you just want to escape the city for a few days. Driving is more affordable than flying or using a bus. It may be more expensive to ship your vehicle to school. However, by not having to pay for frequent taxis, bus, or plane tickets, you will save money over the long-term. You can also make more money by owning a vehicle, as you have many opportunities for work and internships beyond campus.


Driving is more comfortable than flying, or riding a bus. There are no strangers in your seat, and you can open the windows and sing along to your music. Everything you need to make the trip is at your fingertips!


You have the freedom to explore your campus, familiarize yourself with the surrounding area and take road trips to landmarks.

You might be thinking, "But I go school all over the country." You don't need to drive your car all the way.

Why not ship your car to college?

Car shipping to college is an easy and safe way to transport your vehicle to campus. A professional auto transport company is recommended:

Saves you time

  • This saves money, especially for longer trips where you need to stop for fuel, food, lodging, and so on.
  • You can reduce the wear and tear on your vehicle
  • This removes the stress associated with moving and allows you focus on school.
  • Students and parents can have peace of mind.

Are there many college students who ship their cars?

A survey by U.S. News & World Report found that 48 percent of college students own a car. According to Wayne State University, Michigan, 98 percent of students owned cars during the 2015-2016 schoolyear. Many students studied remotely when most colleges and universities offered remote learning. However, recent statistics do not reflect this trend.

Move Car already shipped personal vehicles to students from Michigan, Georgia and Missouri in 2021. College auto transport is convenient, and takes one less thing off a parent's list.

What is the cost of shipping a car to college

Because of many cost factors, the price of auto transportation can vary widely. The first is the distance that the vehicle must be shipped, and the pickup/delivery points. The final price will be affected by the time of year, vehicle type, and transport type. You can take many steps to lower the shipping costs.

Although all this may seem daunting, an auto transport broker can help you understand your needs and negotiate the best price.

Move Car Auto Transport transports hundreds of thousands vehicles every year across the country, including to and fro college campuses. For more information on college car shipping, call us at 1-888-666-8929 to request a free quote.

Check out what our customers have to share about their experiences with back-to-school car shipping.

"This was my first experience having a car shipped to my college student. It was very simple, they reassured me that it would arrive on time and that it would be returned in the same condition it arrived. Everything went well and the driver was very punctual and communicative. We were very happy with the experience.

-- Molly, Tuscaloosa

"I was afraid to ship this car, thinking it wouldn't get to my grandson. But it did get through Move Car and arrived in perfect condition. You don't have to worry, you can call these people and your car will be delivered exactly as promised. No hidden fees. They are reliable and I would use them again. Thank you Move Car. :)"

-- Wanny