Posted on 11/07/22

Why You Should Not Automatically Pick The Lowest Car Shipping Company

Why You Should Not Automatically Pick The Lowest Car Shipping Company

While it is clear that we all enjoy good deals, auto transport is not always cheaper. It's not cheap to ship your car. It is expensive to transport your car on a huge truck and fuel it. It's important to remember that even though we love to save money, car shipping quotes that sound too good to be true may actually be true. You wouldn't buy a car that was too expensive because you would think it was defective. So why not choose the best car shipping company? Because your vehicle is your largest expense and your livelihood, it is too important to risk one. Never base your decision solely on the price.

Low Prices Usually Infer Hidden Fees and Surcharges

Many companies will try to get you to accept a lower quote in order to tempt you. These companies will try to lure you in by offering a low price. However, they won't charge any additional fees or surcharges. This should alert you if you receive a number of quotes that are significantly cheaper than others. It is likely that there is a reason one company seems so much more expensive than the others. This could be due to the fact they will add extra fees. Listen to your gut if something seems unusual. Ask questions about the price and get a firm price, including any additional charges.

Cheap Prices Mean Less Customer Service

These "cheaper" car shippers offer lower prices due to the fact that they don't have customer service departments. The carrier is responsible for loading and transporting your car. This can cause major problems as you don't know who to call if your car arrives late or damaged. You are not guaranteed that your car will arrive in the time you have requested. They may also refuse to transport your vehicle. You run the risk of your car being damaged upon arrival.

Scammers Might Use Low Prices

Unfortunately, scammers are out there trying to trick you into paying a deposit. They will often ask for a deposit upfront, and then they won't pick up your vehicle. Once you pay the deposit, there is no way to get your money back. You can check the website of the company to see their six-digit MC Docket numbers. This will help you determine if they are legitimate. The Federal Motor Carrier Administration requires that every auto transport company be registered. This number serves as proof of registration. You should also look for customer reviews. It is worth paying a bit more to ensure you work with a reliable company.

When you book a car shipping company, remember that price is only one factor that should be considered. You don't always get the best deal if you pay the lowest price. Do your research and shop around. Remember that you only get what you pay for.