Posted on 03/25/22

Why You Should Move Houston

Why You Should Move Houston

Houston is a desirable place to live, as it is one of the most rapidly growing US cities. Houston is a vibrant center for cultural, ethnic, and occupational diversity. It continues to be more affordable than other major cities and it remains family-friendly. You're not the only one thinking of settling down in Houston. An average of 260 people move to Bayou City each day.

Houstonians have plenty to offer in the way of culture, food, and excitement. There are also many career opportunities. Here are 6 reasons Houston is the right place for you.

1. Affordability

Houston's cost-of-living is lower than other major metropolitan areas, such as New York or Los Angeles. This, combined with a lower state income tax and a median household tax higher than the national average will ensure that you have more money in your bank each month after you move to Houston. You'll love the no State Income Tax if you like the idea of earning more from your paycheck.

Houston residents have the opportunity to own a home due to both the housing and cost of living being on par with the national average. Although Houston is a large city, the housing prices can vary greatly depending on where you live. However, it is often understood that Houston offers more home than you pay for.

Houston is approximately 5% cheaper than Dallas, and 19% less affordable than Austin, Texas. On the other hand, San Francisco's cost of living is staggeringly 179% higher than Houston.

2. Job Opportunities

One of Houston's main selling points is its thriving job market. Due to its thriving Tech, Medical, Aerospace, and Oil and Gas sectors, Houston is an attractive option for engineers, scientists, and medical professionals. Houston is home to Texas Medical Center, the world's largest medical center. This makes it a popular destination for graduates looking to work at one of many hospitals.

Houston has more Fortune 500 companies in Houston than any other city, except New York City. This means that Houston is full of highly-skilled, well-paying jobs across many industries. Houston's excellent job market has attracted young professionals from across the country, creating an entrepreneurial environment. Houston's positive economic environment has contributed to a high quality of living. The better the economy, the residents will have less to worry about their job security and paying their bills.

3. Legendary Food Scene

Houston's Tex Mex and BBQ scenes live up to their reputation, but the city has much more to offer. You'll find cuisines from all around the globe, as well as award-winning chefs and restaurants. It's possible to eat at different spots in Houston every day for one year. Street tacos can be found at many food trucks, which are both delicious and affordable.

Houston has a variety of bars, pubs, and cafes that offer beverages. The Heights is home to some of Houston's best bars, restaurants, and nightlife. This neighborhood is located in the Inner Loop and is well-known for being one of Houston’s most classy areas.

4. Activities and Events for All Ages

Houston is a mix of Texas traditions and modern urban living. Houston has many activities to offer, some of which you won't find elsewhere. Houston hosts year-round events, concerts, sports events, and festivals, as well as many fun activities for all age groups.

Houston is particularly passionate about the arts. Houston's Theater District is home to 9 performing arts organizations, as well as performance halls and theaters. These venues offer some of the best-rated performances in Texas. Another amazing place to visit is the Museum District. It features 19 museums within a 12-block radius, and most of them are free on Thursdays.

If sports are your thing, you can cheer on a variety of college and professional sports teams. You'll find a home game for every team, including the Astros, the Texans, and the Rockets.

5. Year-Round Outdoor Adventures

Houston, Texas is a great place to live if you don't like the cold. Only about one week per year, temperatures drop below freezing at night. Summers can reach over 90 degrees. Houstonians can enjoy Houston's outdoor adventures year-round, as temperatures hover between 73 and 80 degrees most days. Many bars and restaurants have large outdoor patios that allow you to enjoy the great weather. Houston can be very hot and humid in the summer. To make it through the hot Texas months, you need to keep your home and car's air conditioners in top shape.

Houston is a major metro area and the fourth-largest city in the United States. However, the city isn't devoid of green spaces. Houston is full of green spaces where families and individuals can enjoy their time running, biking, running, relaxing,. or even having a picnic. Houston has over 50,000 acres of parks. This makes it easy to escape the city and enjoy the outdoors.

Houston is known for its healthy lifestyle. With the abundance of green spaces and pleasant weather, it is easy to get out and move. There are many places to exercise in Houston, including yoga studios and gyms.

6. Neighborly Neighbors

Houstonians were hit hard by Hurricane Harvey in 2017. Residents rallied together to overcome the disaster. Houston's strength and character are evident in the positivity shown during this tragic tragedy. Although Houston is one of the most populous cities in the United States, it still retains a small-town feel of warmth, comfort, and friendliness. You should not have any trouble finding your people when you move to Houston.

It doesn't matter if you are moving to Houston from another area. Finding a reliable and experienced moving company is key to a successful move. We are experts at this. Get in touch today with one of our moving experts to receive a FREE, no-obligation moving estimate.