Posted on 04/26/22

Why Transport A Car From Chicago To Florida

Why Transport A Car From Chicago To Florida

People are moving from Chicago and Illinois to Florida. This includes Tampa Bay and other Central Florida cities. People are drawn to the sun, low taxes, and the beach lifestyle.

Some are snowbirds. Others are moving from Chicago, Florida to find a permanent residence in the Sunshine State.

According to data from Stacker, Florida was the second most popular place for Illinoisans to relocate in 2019, the most recent year data is available. There were 24,425 people who moved from Illinois to Florida in total, with many moving from Chicago and surrounding areas.

Indiana is the No. 1 choice for Chicagoans. They are looking for lower property and income taxes. California, Texas, and Wisconsin are also popular choices for Chicagoans looking to relocate.

Florida is the best choice for long-distance moves. People moving from Chicago must decide if they want to ship their car to Florida or drive the long distance.

Why are people moving to Florida?

People are moving to Florida from Chicago because they are tired of living in Chicago.

  • Fantastic weather. Florida is paradise for those who are used to winters that can be brutal.
  • There are many job opportunities. There are many job opportunities in South Florida, Tampa Bay, and Orlando. Many businesses are moving from the north to start there.
  • Seasonal residents: Some people may also choose to transport their car from Chicago to Florida if they are seasonal residents. For example, they may have a second home in Florida and only use their car while they are there. In this case, shipping the car back and forth can be more convenient than storing it at the second home.

  • Vacationing: Additionally, some people may choose to transport their car from Chicago to Florida if they are going on vacation and want to have their own transportation while they are there.

  • Beaches. Florida boasts some of the most prestigious beaches in the country, including Clearwater Beach, Siesta Key, and Neptune Beach. St. Pete Beach and Anna Maria Island are just a few of the many.
  • Diverse Culture. People travel from all over the United States to Florida.
  • A great food season. The state has a lot of food trucks and restaurants. It is great weather. Florida between October-Marchis paradise for those who are used to cold winters.

Florida continues to attract retirees. However, more families and young professionals are choosing to call Florida home.

Why you should ship a car from Chicago to Florida

The move from Chicago to Florida is very popular, but it's a long journey. Below is the distance between Chicago, Florida, and the major cities of Florida.

  • Jacksonville - 1,065 miles
  • Orlando - 1,158 miles
  • Tampa - 1,175 miles
  • Fort Myers - 1,300 Miles
  • Miami - 1,382 Miles

Many people find that long-distance travel makes auto transport the best option. There are many benefits to using auto transport, including the ability to save gas (which has become more expensive than ever), and the possibility of eating on the road. It protects your car from the damage that can result from long trips.

The cost of auto transport will vary depending on how big the vehicle is, the distance traveled, and the type and quality of the carrier. High-quality auto transport companies offer both enclosed and open carriers.

Auto transport is gaining popularity in Chicago for the Chicago-to Florida route.