Posted on 05/05/22

Why The Cheapest Car Shipping Company May Not Always Be The Best

Why The Cheapest Car Shipping Company May Not Always Be The Best

You get what you pay, as the old saying goes. While this is true in most cases, it can be difficult to find the best deal when your budget starts to shrink. It's likely that you will want to keep your costs down when shipping a car to move, start a new job, purchase a vehicle from another state, or for any other reason. If you base your decision on price alone, it may not be the best choice to choose the lowest-priced car shipping company.

Google will show you many companies claiming to have the lowest car shipping prices. However, these prices are much higher than the average. It is tempting to grab one of these amazing deals if you are on a budget. However, be careful and learn about all the potential drawbacks.

The case against choosing the cheapest auto shipper

This list shows the most common problems that can occur when cost is a deciding factor. While the cheapest vehicle transport company may seem obvious, many problems have been caused by choosing quality over reputation. Let's look at some possible problems:

Hidden costs - There are some smart but not so-scrupulous companies that claim to be the cheapest car shipping company when they quote. Consumers often discover hidden costs in their contracts when the car arrives at its destination. The final payment is required before the vehicle can be released. Unsuspecting owners have few options but to make the payment.

Unreliable or poor drivers Quality comes at a cost. Companies can cut corners to lower the shipping cost of a vehicle. You can avoid the driver screening process or hire inexperienced drivers to get the service at a lower rate. However, your vehicle might not be in the best hands while being moved from one point to another.

Non-existent or insufficient support Weather conditions, traffic jams, or even simple changes to plans may require communication with your car shipping company. A bare-bones company that offers little or no customer service may be the cheapest.

No guarantee The lower-priced option may not stand behind its work or offer a solution if something goes wrong. Although things may go well, it is risky to deal with a company without insurance or any guarantee of quality.

These horror stories about auto transport are proof enough.

Of course, we get it. It is tempting to save money and find the lowest-priced car shipping company when finances are tight. These real stories from others who chose the cheaper route might deter you from making a car-shipping decision that you may regret.

"I had four cars moved from Florida to Georgia. The truck driver hit my car and caused $4000+ of damage. The transporter fled the scene and refused to return, not even to the police. He had no insurance and was driving with an expired DOT number. The company ignored my calls and hung up on me when they did get back to me. "

"I chose Company to ship my wife’s car as it was the cheapest I could find. The car arrived with broken axel and items missing from the interior. The final price was higher than what I had been quoted. $174 additional for broker fee and $525 COD. I couldn't refuse to pay. "

"The worst customer service I have ever experienced. They never showed up as promised and didn't answer the phone when I called. My car arrived five days late. This company is a nightmare! "

How to avoid potential

pitfalls and safely ship your truck or car with confidence

Any car shipper who is serious about finding a great deal should consider price shopping. However, price shouldn't be your only consideration. Although the cheapest car shipping company might seem like a good deal at the beginning, once the shipment is complete, you may wish you had prioritized other factors. Move Car Auto Transport is the leader in car shipping since 2010. While our prices are very competitive, they may not be the most affordable. We offer great value and high quality for the price, such as:

* Quality Guarantee
* The most thoroughly-vetted driver network
All price quotes include insurance
* No hidden fees
* Live customer service available 24/7
* 5 star online reviews from current customers

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