Posted on 07/04/22

Why Should You Choose Enclosed Auto Transport

Why Should You Choose Enclosed Auto Transport

There is a time and place for everything.

This one is probably familiar to you. Also, there is a time for enclosed auto transport. Except that you probably haven't heard it.

Open-air transport is the industry standard for auto shipping. For extra padding, enclosed automobile transport is a better option if you need to protect something more valuable.

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Why should you choose enclosed auto transport when?

There are many reasons why someone might ship their car. It doesn't matter if your Mustang convertible is vintage to ship your car in a better package.

It's like the post office. You'll likely buy shipping material with protective bubbles if you are shipping fragile items, such as a souvenir seashell.

You don't have to treat a souvenir sweatshirt or other durable item like a car, but you don't need to treat it like a Faberge egg. The enclosed shipping of cars is a safer option than traditional shipping methods. This is because it's easier than booking with a trusted auto transport management company.

Cars can be transported enclosed by using a trailer that is fully enclosed. It has four sides and a roof. Enclosed car haulers are preferred in many situations because vehicles are the most valuable asset that people have.

Protecting an 'Investment’

Open auto transport is fine if you are just protecting your vehicle. If you are protecting an investment then open auto transport is probably a good choice.

A trailer enclosed can be used to protect your vehicle from the snow and other elements. Reliable companies will make sure your vehicle arrives safely at its destination. If you want your vehicle to arrive safely in any season, it is important to not only book with a reliable shipper but also to select enclosed auto transport as one of your options.

Protecting from snow

Many people choose to ship their cars in the colder months.

This is especially true if your vehicle is an older car, a classic car, or has a custom paint job. These car shippers typically wait until the summer or spring to ship their cars. If you don't have the time or desire to ship your car in the spring, but are unable to wait, or don't wish to drive your car across the snowy terrain, enclosed car haulers might be the best option.


Protecting yourself from the elements

Not only is snow the most frightening weather for enclosed car transport.

You might decide that your car is not to be exposed to dust, dirt, or air pollution depending on where it's being shipped from. You can be certain that your car will withstand the cold or snow, but you can also take the necessary precautions to ensure it doesn't get damaged.

Protect your car from the elements if you don’t want the paint on your car or any hard-to-replace parts to be exposed to the elements. Consider enclosed auto transport.

Protecting an antique

While older cars are definitely worth the investment, you must give them the care they need.

Although you've likely already shown your car love and tenderness, shipping a car is a time when it's important to remember the third letter of the acronym, TLC.

It needs to be taken care of!

Shipping your antique vehicle in a properly-protected container is a great way to take care of it. Enclosed auto transport is the best option for antique automobiles.

To ensure your peace of mind

When it comes to cars that are nice, theft is always a concern. There are many tangible reasons you should ship your car in an enclosed container. But the most important is your peace of mind.

You might find that knowing your car is safe for the duration of the trip can help you feel relaxed. Snowbirds are looking to enjoy the winter and not worry about the possibility of theft. Even with a helpful claims team like the one at Move Car Auto Transport, theft can be a difficult problem to solve.

If theft is a concern, you can keep your mind at ease by transporting your exotic vehicle in an enclosed auto hauler.

To protect your safety

Some people may be OK with their car being transported across the country, but only if they are the ones doing it.

This will not only add miles to your car but also cause you to be tired. Do not fall for the temptation to save some money by driving it yourself. If you drive your car, it will still be exposed. It will also be susceptible to theft if it is parked at a hotel or motel.

It will prevent you from driving late at night or risking becoming fatigued. You must look out for your safety first!

FAQ: Enclosed auto transport

You now know why enclosed auto transport is a good choice. Let's answer any additional questions.

These answers may not be sufficient to answer your question. Feel free to contact us via Live chat.

What's the difference between enclosed and open transport?

The most popular method of shipping cars is open transport. This transports your car to the outside elements like rain, sun, and dust. This is a secure and safe way to transport your vehicle. Owners of collector cars often prefer enclosed transport. It can be used to transport classic, luxury, vintage, and custom cars.

Do I need to ship my car enclosed or open?

Read the article again! There are many situations where enclosed auto transport is appropriate.

What is the cost of shipping a car with an enclosed vehicle?

Transporting a car enclosed is slightly more expensive than shipping it in an open vehicle. To calculate your shipping cost, use our online calculator

Is it possible to ship a car and stuff inside?

Move Car allows you to have up to one piece of luggage (e.g. a suitcase, bag) for free. Only place it in the trunk or cargo area. The answer is no if your shipment is being transported across the ocean. Or the port may reject your shipment.

Can you guarantee the top load with an open carrier if I choose not to use enclosed transport?

Yes. This is a great way to add extra protection to your vehicle