Posted on 03/10/22

Why Reliable Vehicle Carrier Networks Are Important In Car Shipping

Why Reliable Vehicle Carrier Networks Are Important In Car Shipping

When I thought about how Move Car vets each car carrier in order to have the best vehicle carrier network, it brought back memories of picking fruit at an orchard or grocery store.

Last fall, I was apple picking close to Move Car's headquarters in central Massachusetts. I noticed that some apple trees were not available, but others were blocked. It turned out that a portion of their apple crop had been destroyed by hailstorm damage. They had to carefully go through the orchard tree-by-tree to ensure that each tree was stocked with enough apples to pick before the season began. They did an excellent job. There were many great apples we carefully chose (and they were delicious!

Similar processes apply to car shipping. As you would inspect fruit for quality before purchasing it, make sure the car shipping broker that you work with thoroughly evaluates every carrier they partner with. The broker must ensure that the carrier is licensed and insured.

Move Car has a solid reputation for being trustworthy. We treat every vehicle that we ship like it is our own. Only the best carriers are our partners. Every carrier in our trusted vehicle carrier network is a top-rated provider. They are reliable, professional, and on time. There are no exceptions.

We hope that you will avoid these bad apples and send your car to us.