Posted on 02/11/22

Why It Makes Sense To Ship Your Car During Winter

Why It Makes Sense To Ship Your Car During Winter

The busiest season is over

Car shipping is usually busy from the end of spring to the beginning of fall. If you want to avoid shipping vehicles at the busiest times of the year, you can ship in the fall or spring. It is still busier during these times than during the winter months.
It is possible to ship your car anywhere in the year without any problems. Shipping during winter is a good option. One advantage is that winter is the least-demanded shipping season. This means that there are more carriers who have open spots in their hauls. This means that you are likely to get your shipment scheduled slightly earlier than at other times of the year.

Winter shipping is generally a bit cheaper

It is likely that shipping your car in winter will be less expensive than shipping it during summer. It is important to consider it from a supply-demand perspective. The demand for auto transport services is lower, so the supply will be more. This will result in a lower average shipping price.

Transporters also pay less to ship winter cargo because fuel prices are at their lowest. It is a good idea for carriers to reduce their prices in a highly competitive market. When they make savings, so will you.

What savings will I make by shipping in winter?

It depends on many factors. For example, shipping a 2015 Toyota Corolla to Los Angeles from New York City in January 2021 rather than in July 2021 will run approximately $100 less if shipped in winter and you book your shipment at least a few weeks in advance. This estimate was generated in November 2020. Prices can change as costs change and time passes.

We mentioned that there are many factors that can impact the final cost of your shipment. The distance you ship your car is the most important factor. The final price will also be affected by factors like the make and model, and the time you book your shipment.

Here are some tips to help you ship your car in winter.

These are the things to consider if you decide to ship your car in the winter.

  • Before you ship, winterize your car Open-air carriers account for the vast majority of auto transport. You will likely be shipping with an open-air carrier. This is why you need to make sure your car is winterized before shipping. It will be exposed to winter elements during shipping. Here are some simple ways to winterize your vehicle:
    • Check that your antifreeze has been fully absorbed
    • Check that your tires have been properly inflated
    • Winter conditions require that you have your oil changed.
  • It is possible for a weather-related delay. Although it does not often occur, a winter storm could cause delays to your shipment. These delays are rare and can add days or more to the shipping time.
  • Check your battery. Your car must be running to allow it to drive onto the car carrier. Your car may have difficulty starting if it has been exposed to the winter elements for a long time. It is a good idea to get a new battery.


It is possible to ship your car in winter. This will ensure that you can get a carrier available for your shipment. Even though it is rare, inclement winter weather can cause delays to your shipment. If time is critical, it might not be the best choice to ship during winter. Move Car can be reached with any questions or to receive a free quote.