Posted on 11/24/22

Why It Makes Sense To Ship A Classic Car

Why It Makes Sense To Ship A Classic Car

Car transport has seen a rise in popularity with the advent of e-commerce. Numerous companies have been formed to offer clients the best service at affordable rates. There are some companies that are better than others, so potential customers should research reviews about the transport companies they wish to hire. Every company has its own services, so buyers of delicate vehicles, such as classic cars, need to consider which services are best for them. There are many shipping options, and classic cars can be shipped between two points.


Two main types of vehicle carriers are involved in the shipping industry. A large business that has a lot of transporter trucks and has established business records is the first type. Independent companies may only have one truck in their fleet. These independent companies can usually be contacted through a transport broker. Transport brokers act as intermediaries between the client and the independent transport company.


Every company has its own method of transporting vehicles. You may be able to transport your car in an enclosed trailer depending on which company you use. Open trailers are more common for smaller companies. While enclosed trailers are more expensive to ship with, they offer greater protection and may be required if you need the best protection for your classic vehicle.

For your car shipment, you should consider adding insurance to your existing insurance provider. You can have peace of mind knowing that your car is insured for shipment. You may be able to use your transport company's insurance coverage to cover your car. However, you need to research what their insurance policies cover.


Before choosing a transport company, a car owner should read reviews about the companies they are considering using. You can access reviews about transport companies via the internet, as well as the websites of companies. U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration offers online services that enable consumers to view safety records for many shipping companies. You should choose a company that has been registered with both the FMCSA (and the Department of Transportation (DOT).


Shipping a classic vehicle is an excellent way to move it around. You can find the best company for you by doing your research and being prepared.