Posted on 04/26/22

Why College Car Transport Is Better Than Driving

Why College Car Transport Is Better Than Driving

A car is an important part of college student life after their freshman year. Students and parents have many things to worry about: tuition payments, class schedules, and dorm room assignments. However, getting the car to college should not be one of them.

Of course, students can drive. For students who choose to attend school in another state (favorite choices are Texas, California, and Florida), it can be difficult to get a0 car to campus. The college car service can be a great alternative to driving to college.

The downside of driving a car

Driving to school from a distance presents many challenges for students who live far away. Parents should be concerned about the possibility of an accident. Every year there are millions of car crashes. Long drives increase the chance of an accident.

Even if everything is perfect, driving to college can be challenging.

  • Theft Students are a tempting target for thieves with all their belongings packed into one vehicle.
  • Expenses. Gas alone will cost hundreds of dollars. You also need to consider the cost of food while on the road. A place to stay each night is also necessary for multi-day trips.
  • Road dangers. You don't want your college student to have to deal with a breakdown in the middle of nowhere.
  • Time. It doesn't matter if a student drives the car by himself or with a parent.

These issues, taken together, are often enough to convince parents and students that it is worth looking into the possibility of having professionals handle college car transport.

College Car Transport: The Benefits

There are many benefits for families who use college car transportation. First, you won't have to deal with all the above challenges. Professional auto transport offers other key benefits.

It's safe

Your car is secured by auto transport professionals in an enclosed or open trailer to protect it from damage. The car is collected at your home and transported to college or another location as the family chooses.

It's Fast

A common scenario is for the transport company to collect your car and safely store it on a carrier before it hits the road. The family and college students then fly to their destination. The vehicle arrives on the following day.

You can have less wear and tear on your car

Long drives can put a lot more miles on your car. Long-distance drivers must also deal with the potential damage caused by bad roads, which can knock wheels out of alignment and stray stones thrown by trucks. This could cause windshield cracking. These issues can be eliminated by auto transport.

There's nothing to worry about

Auto transport services are very popular as they make it easier to move. College students are likely to experience a lot of stress. They have one less thing to worry over when they don't have to worry about driving a car.

Parents and students are increasingly choosing college car transport over long drives. Auto transport is a great option if you have plans to transport a car from or to college.