Posted on 03/29/22

Why Car shipping Service Costs Have Risen

Why Car shipping Service Costs Have Risen

If you have ever shipped a vehicle, you might notice an increase in prices in 2021. This can be due to many factors, as car transport is made up of so many parts. This blog will explain why prices are rising this year, and how you can lower your transport costs.

Car shipping in 2021 has been affected by changes

Gas prices

Fuel prices rising also means that shipping customers and car shipping companies are subject to an increase in costs. According to data from DAT gas prices increased by more than 35% annually as of June 2021.

Driver shortage

There are currently fewer truck drivers than ever in any segment of the industry. The same DAT research showed that truck availability had dropped nearly 12% over the past year. Many drivers are moving to Amazon and other last-mile delivery companies to be closer to their families and can make same-day moves. This reduces the need to drive cross-country. A large number of truck drivers is retiring, and there are fewer drivers to replace them.

More volume

Many Americans are moving to the United States because of the rise in remote work and the large retirement population. Demand has risen despite the fact that supply has decreased. Customers end up paying more because truck drivers and carriers can charge more for more demand.

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How to lower car shipping costs and frustration

There are steps that you can take even in this environment to ensure the lowest shipping cost.

  1. Make sure to book your shipment as soon as possible. This will give the company enough time to assign a driver and truck, and allow them to fill available capacity at a fair rate.
  2. Be flexible about shipping dates. This can help you to reduce your shipping costs.
  3. Open trailer transport is always cheaper than an enclosed one. You may need an enclosed trailer if your vehicle is a classic or luxury car or has low ground clearance.
  4. Show patience and understanding. We will do our best to meet all your needs.

Find the lowest price on auto transport

Instead of spending hours searching online for the best prices, consider hiring an auto transport broker. A broker can help you find the best vehicle transport options by partnering with thousands of carriers.

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