Posted on 10/11/21

Why Car Shipping Service Costs Have Increased

Why Car Shipping Service Costs Have Increased

Car Shipping costs have increased to some extent in 2021. If anyone of you has recently shipped your car in the near past, you might be aware of this increment in the service cost. However, as far as the reasons or causes are concerned, as you’d know that there are so many components constituting car transport. Thereby, there can be an equally large number of reasons behind. Do not fret over it because in this blog, we will cover for you all the possible reasons contributing to this service cost increment this year as well as what you on your own can possibly do to keep these costs down for your transport service. So, stay tuned and let’s dive into it!

Changes impacting car shipping in 2021

As, discussed above there can be a lot of reasons behind such increment in the service costs. However, we are here listing down for you all the possible reasons. So, you can carefully look for them, and can have as much as possible lower costs for your own transport service. Let’s get started!

1- Prices Of Gas

As a matter of fact, whenever fuel prices go higher or rise to some extent, it also increases the service cost for the companies who are involved in shipping and their shipping customers as well. You might already know about it. Moreover, according to data obtained from DAT, as of June 2021, gas prices were then up over around 35% year over year. Also, such increment is nothing new. This increment in price has a significant effect on the cost of shipment.

2- Shortage Of Drivers

Drivers also play an important role. It will not be wrong to call them the backbone of the transportation process. A skillful driver is a necessity of sound transportation. However, apart from this, almost in every segment of the industry, there is a lack of truck drivers. In addition to this, the same DAT research, as discussed above, shows that even the truck availability was down year over year. It is not a good sign though. Can you think of a reason for this driver shortage? Let us mention it for you. One possible cause of such shortage is that many drivers are making their move to Amazon. Similarly, other last mile delivery companies, there drivers are making their move so that they can do same-day moves, and that’s how minimizing cross-country driving as well. It all makes sense. Also, there is a large population of truck drivers getting retired with a relatively smaller number of new drivers replacing them and entering the industry. It is rather a serious problem and should be taken care of because without professional and experienced drivers, there can be numerous problems. They play an important role in safe and sound transportation of cars because there can be vintage or expensive cars as well. Thereby, it would become risky to hire some newly entering driver.

3- Higher Volume

Another consequence of this large retirement population of truck drivers and the rise of remote work is relocation. Thereby, many people in the United States are encouraged to relocate due to previously mentioned reasons. This is the main reason that however, supply has gone down. Still, there is a continuation of rise in demand. On the other hand, it has a comparatively bad impact on the customer end. Truck drivers and carriers can easily charge more with this increased demand. Thereby, the customers end up paying what they ask for. Whereas, the situation is not equally affordable for everyone around, and causing a stressful situation eventually.

Ways To Reduce Car Shipping Service Costs

Do not fret over it no matter what the current situation is because still there are a few steps that you can take to get the best yet affordable car shipping price that will not make a hole in your pocket.

1- Make Car Booking As Early As Possible

It can be a plus point for the customer as if you choose to reserve your shipment in advance, it will in turn give the company you have selected plenty of time to assign for you a driver and truck. It will make them fill the available capacity for some reasonable rate. Thereby, we will recommend you to make your booking well in advance, and enjoy the perks of doing so.

2- Be Flexible With The Dates Of Shipping

You can easily make your fees reduced to a greater extent if you decide to be more flexible with the dates of pickup and delivery. You can try on it, and see!

3- Pick Open Trailer Transportation

There can be several transportation options for you to choose. However, an open trailer transport will always be less expensive as compared to the enclosed one. Thereby, you have to choose accordingly. At the same time, you do not have to forget that if the car that you want to transport is a classic one or luxury car or may be a car with low ground clearance, in such a situation you may need to go for the enclosed transportation option. Else, it might cost you lot more in terms of damage caused due to lack of security etc. It would be wise if you plan to choose enclosed car carrier whenever you have to ship your vital property, and do not take any risk.

4- Be Patient and Understanding

Above all, you have to be patient and understanding. Do not be in a hurry, and get stressed out. You have to believe, and the car shipping company will work for you as hard as possible to accommodate all of the requirements. On the other hand, stressing out yourself cannot help you out in any way possible. If you stay calm, you will have the capability to handle any situation that might come your way unexpectedly.

5- Clean Your Car

The weight of your vehicle also plays a rather important role. Thereby, we would recommend you to reduce the weight of your car as much as possible. Are you thinking how you can do this? You simply need to remove everything including all your personal items before shipping your car. This tip can help you save much.

6- Compare Multiple Quotes

Furthermore, you can even compare quotes from several different companies. You can look at offers and quotes from a number of brokers and shippers to find the price that suits best. However, it is important for you to keep in mind that there are a few brokers that can charge a cancellation free if you choose to rescind a job after posting it once. Thereby, think multiple times before posting a job, and make sure once you post then that should be your final decision in such regard.

7- Season

There are a few peak car shipping times. Therefore, it is quite better if you can avoid picking those times. It is rather expensive to ship your car in January and in summer months. However, if it is very urgent for you to ship your car at such times, you can do so. Whereas, it would be lot wise if that is not urgent then you choose some other time to ship your car.

Have you ever thought why most people always choose to ship by trailer or truck? In fact, the cheapest way to ship your car can be to ship it by a freight train. Still, people not choose this option. It is because such option may not be available in the area where you reside. Also, shipping your car by train can take a longer time. Not only this, but your drop-off and pickup dates will be less flexible too. Alongside, as far as safety and convenience are concerned, shipment by truck or trailer is lot safer and more convenient too.

The Best Price For Auto Transport

Are you struggling with finding the best price for auto transport? We have a solution for you. There is no need to struggle and spend hours in researching online to comparing the carrier pricings. All you have to do is simply to use the services of an auto transport broker. It is pretty easy because to help you find the most affordable options among all the options for the transportation of your vehicle, there are auto transport brokers. They have partnerships with thousands of specialized industry expertise and carriers to help you do so. They can easily reduce your burden.

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