Posted on 01/05/23

Why Auto Transport Transit Times Are Estimated

Why Auto Transport Transit Times Are Estimated

It can be challenging to plan auto transport. This is not the same as other delivery services or the travel industry, although many people think so. We have to address common expectations when talking to customers about their transport options.

Are you planning to ship your car, but are wondering why the transit time is just an estimate? Here's what you need to know.

Factors That Affect Transit Time:

  • Distance: The longer the distance that your car needs to be shipped, the longer the transit time will be.
  • Mode of transport: Shipping your car by truck will generally be faster than by train, but may be more expensive.
  • Time of year: Peak shipping times, such as during snowbird season, may result in longer transit times due to increased demand.
  • Weather: Inclement weather, such as heavy rain or snow, can delay transit times.
  • Vehicle size and weight: Larger and heavier vehicles may take longer to load and unload, which can affect transit times.

Why Transit Times Are Estimates:

  • The transport company cannot control all of the factors that can affect transit times, so they can only give an estimate based on their past experience and current conditions.
  • The transport company wants to give you the most accurate estimate possible, but it is not always possible to predict exactly how long it will take to transport your car.
  • The transport company may not be able to give you a definite transit time until they have a better idea of the current shipping demand and conditions.

How to Plan for Estimated Transit Times:

  • Keep in mind that the transit time is just an estimate, and be prepared for the possibility that it may take longer than expected.
  • If you have a specific deadline for when you need your car, let the transport company know and ask if they can accommodate your timeline.
  • If you are flexible with your travel plans, you may be able to find a transport company that can give you a more definite transit time.

We will do our best to meet each customer's timing requirements, but it is difficult to guarantee delivery or pick-up times.

The dates for your auto transport are projections and estimates. However, you should still allow for some flexibility.

Auto haulers must schedule full truckloads, which include picking up and delivering to multiple customers within a week. They're out on the road fighting traffic, weather, and any other factors that could (and often do) affect their pickup and delivery plans.

We ask that you provide us with the earliest date possible for the vehicle to be released, even if it is not your preferred date.

After your move has been contracted, we will put you in touch with your carrier. The carrier will usually call you in the afternoon or evening prior to your pick-up/delivery. They won't show up unexpectedly, and we want to know about it.

The driver will give you an estimate of when delivery will occur so that you know when it is expected. However, the schedule is not set in stone. Your driver cannot control traffic issues so it is best to let your schedule open for your hauler's arrival.

If you need to be at work or schedule an appointment, we recommend that you get a friend or family member to cover. We also advise against flying on the same day as the carrier arrives.

It is best to be realistic and accept that the timing of your auto transport will only be a projection. This does not guarantee a specific time. You can reach us if you have any questions.


Auto transport transit times are estimates due to the various factors that can affect the shipping process. By understanding why transit times are estimates and how to plan for them, you can have a successful and stress-free car shipping experience.