Posted on 01/03/23

Why Auto Shippers Should Have A Great Transportation Broker

Why Auto Shippers Should Have A Great Transportation Broker

Auto shippers who are first introduced to a transport broker often instinctively drop the broker and look for a driver. Many auto shippers don’t realize why they need a broker in order to hire an auto hauler. It is actually in the best interest of the shipper to use a broker. A good broker will ensure smooth and safe transport.

  1. Access to a Wide Network of Carriers:

One of the main benefits of working with a transportation broker is access to a wide network of carriers. This allows the broker to find the best carrier for each shipment, based on factors such as availability, route, and equipment.

  1. Negotiation Skills:

Transportation brokers are skilled negotiators who can secure the best rates and terms for auto shippers. This can help auto shippers save money and get the best value for their shipments.

  1. Expertise in Shipping Regulations:

Transportation brokers are experts in shipping regulations and can help auto shippers navigate the complex world of shipping laws and regulations. This can help prevent delays and ensure that shipments are transported legally and safely.

  1. Time-Saving:

Working with a transportation broker can save auto shippers time and effort. The broker handles all of the logistics of the shipment, including finding carriers, negotiating rates, and tracking the shipment. This allows auto shippers to focus on their core business activities.

  1. Risk Management:

Transportation brokers can also help auto shippers manage risk by providing insurance coverage and handling any claims that may arise during transport.

A good broker will suggest a fair price for a hauler. Many shippers are unaware that the market for auto transport is volatile from week to week and from route to route. There are seasonal variations, too. Car shippers, especially bargain hunters, can make it difficult for their customers to ship vehicles by charging too much. Sometimes, a low price can be unacceptable to haulers. A reputable broker will help you determine the best price for your hauler.

You want to hire a reliable transporter to move your car around the country. Some carriers don't have insurance or let their licenses lapse. Some have a poor track record. Transport brokers have access to information about specific carriers, which is more than average consumers can find online.

A great broker is not only an expert in the industry but also has extensive experience working with hundreds of haulers. Move Car has a "Do Not Use" list. We have a list of haulers that we have had to work with, and who have not met our standards. We will not contract any hauler that is listed on this list. We will not contract a hauler who does not guarantee safe and prompt service, even if there are few options on a route.

For safe and smooth transport, a good broker is your best option. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our selection process for the best independent hauler.