Posted on 09/26/22

Which Is The Cheapest Way To Ship My Car

Which Is The Cheapest Way To Ship My Car

Auto shipping may be necessary if you're moving to another state or if you purchase a vehicle from another state. Auto-shipping is not something that people often do. This can make it confusing for the average person. There are many variables that can impact pricing. Prices for car shipping fluctuate frequently. There are many companies that offer low prices but add on hefty fees at the end. It can be difficult to determine how much you should pay for auto shipping, and find a company with reasonable prices. These tips will help you find the best shipping option for your car when shopping around for rates.

Get multiple quotes by doing your research

Multiple quotes are a great way to find a lower price on auto shipping. You should get at least three to four quotes to get an idea of what the market is worth for shipping your vehicle. Be wary of the lowest quote as it can be a red flag. Asking the right questions will ensure that the company does not add any additional charges or fees to your final bill. You also want to ensure that the company is trustworthy so make sure you read reviews.

Choose Open Transport

Many companies offer two options for shipping your vehicle: an enclosed or open carrier. An enclosed carrier offers greater protection, but it will cost you more. For classic, luxury, and antique cars that need extra protection, enclosed transport is recommended. Open transport is the best option if you want to save money.

Be flexible with timing

Flexibility with delivery dates is another great way to save money when shipping autos. You can expect to pay more if you need fast delivery. You can save money by waiting as long as the carrier takes to move your vehicle.

Choose Terminal To Terminal Shipping

Although door-to-door shipping is convenient, it can also increase the cost. It is best to ship your car between two major cities. Delivery costs will be higher if you live far from major cities. You can save hundreds of dollars by picking the closest terminal to your address.

Ship during the Off Season

Auto shipment is just like other industries. Auto shipment is most popular in June-August, so expect higher prices. Shipping your car in the slowest months, December-February can help you save money.