Posted on 09/30/22

Which Is The Best Time Of Year To Use Auto Transport Services

Which Is The Best Time Of Year To Use Auto Transport Services

It is becoming more popular for people to use auto shipping to transport their cars from one place to the next. They offer a reliable and convenient service at an affordable cost. It may surprise you to learn that auto shipping costs can vary depending on the season. Auto shipping can also have a peak season, which can impact delivery times. There are many factors to consider when deciding the best time to ship your vehicle.

It's not Immediately

When it comes to shipping your vehicle, there are some things you should remember. One is that it is not always "today". Another is that there are many variables involved in auto shipping. It is important to plan ahead. It is possible to schedule an urgent delivery but it won't be cheap. It doesn't matter what season it is, schedule your auto shipment at least two weeks in advance.

Summer and Spring are Peak Season

Long distance moves are one of the most popular reasons to ship cars. Since most people move in spring and summer, it is also the busiest season for auto shipping. Prices can be affected by high demand, so rates might be higher in the spring and summer months. Delivery delays can be caused by large volumes of shipments.

Winter Sees Less Demand

Winter months are less popular for auto shipment, which can impact pricing. Some companies offer discounts and specials on the most popular routes to help auto carriers get full loads. Unexpected travel delays can be caused by icy roads and snowy conditions.

The Snowbird Effect

Many snowbirds ship their cars back and forth between spring and autumn, which can cause a significant rise in shipping demand. This can lead to a slower schedule and higher shipping costs.