Posted on 07/08/22

Which Is The Best Time Of Year To Ship My Car

Which Is The Best Time Of Year To Ship My Car

Moving is usually accompanied by a schedule. This applies whether you are moving because you have just purchased a house, received PCS orders, or are looking for a business opportunity. You may be able to get a discount on shipping costs if you are flexible about how you plan to transport your car across the country. Auto shippers also have a high and low season, so there is no best time to transport your car. These are important to know in order to get great service at a great price.

This post will explain why timing is important when transporting a car across the country. We'll also discuss the low and high seasons, how to benefit from a flexible schedule and what you need to do to safely ship your vehicle no matter the season.

Timing: Everything

Many auto transport agencies require their clients to be flexible when transporting a car around the country. The pickup date may not be available immediately. Also, the delivery date may be an estimate. Auto shippers try to coordinate truck movements across the US as efficiently and effectively as possible. A full carrier doesn't do anyone any good. Each carrier's schedule can fluctuate somewhat based on weather conditions, traffic, driver health, mechanical problems, delays, and other unforeseen factors. It is very difficult to predict a delivery date with 100% accuracy several weeks before a vehicle ship.

Location is a part of the equation

When you schedule your transport, it is important to consider both the pickup and delivery locations. If they travel along well-traveled routes, cars moving across the country tend to get there faster and for less money. Consider shipping routes as airline routes. You can buy tickets for flights between major cities until the last minute and be sure that you will get on a flight. If you are flying from a small regional airport to another, you will have fewer choices regarding dates and times. Your auto transport company must find a carrier that has an open slot in order to transport your car across the country. Your vehicle will be transported faster if there are more carriers available. However, if your car is being shipped to remote areas, it will take longer for a carrier to find one.

You can have your car shipped to a major city if you are moving to a rural area. You're likely to get it faster.

Rush delivery means you pay top dollar

People who have to ship vehicles quickly because they are urgently needed will pay more. Because they spend so much time organizing pickups and deliveries, auto transport companies can move as many vehicles as they need. Although it is possible to receive expedited service (either a faster pickup or delivery or both), when transporting a vehicle across the country, your auto transport company will need to go through a lot of hoops in order to do so. This extra effort will cost you more and may result in carriers driving less of your route.

Booking as early as possible is the best way to ensure the best-case scenario. When you are certain that you will be moving, you should start looking for auto transport companies. You can get quotes right away so that you can choose the best transporter. Your car shipper will be capable of filling every berth on your carrier, so you'll pay less.

There is a car-hauling season

Although the auto transport industry can experience high and low seasons as well, they may be very different from other moving companies. Demand, traffic fluctuations, season, weather, and other factors drive the high and low seasons. These factors play a significant role in the price of your car shipping quote. It all depends on where you are shipping from and to which destination you're shipping. The annual north-south migration of snowbirds won't affect the price of a car being transported from east to west.

Here are some ways car hauling season could affect your quote

Summer shipping is more expensive in the city

Although it is common to hear that shipping cars in winter are more expensive than in summer, if your car is being transported across the country from a major metropolitan area, you might find that this is an exception. Auto transport companies often charge more for vehicles being picked up in hot months. Because there is more demand for shipping to cities during the summer months, and because the roads between major destinations are more congested with travelers, this means that carriers spend more time on the road using more fuel.

Winter shipping can be more expensive for various reasons

Winter tends to have a lower demand for auto shipping, so some auto transport companies will lower their prices in order to attract customers. Why not wait until winter to get winter deals? You might not be comfortable shipping your car to or from a place with severe winter weather. An enclosed carrier can be used to transport your vehicle across the country, but it will always cost you more.

You might think that shipping is cheaper in winter in the south due to weather effects. However, more people travel south in winter (including retirees who move down to warmer states in winter). Because snowbirds are more likely to schedule their bi-annual deliveries, some auto transport companies increase their rates.

Winter slowdown real

It may take longer to ship your car north in winter because of the impossibility of certain US shipping routes. Some truckers may not be comfortable hauling heavy loads in winter. This could mean that there are fewer drivers to take on the routes. In some cases, haulers may stop servicing routes in dangerous winter conditions. This can lead to longer ship times and more delays overall.

While you might not get a discount if you move a car in winter, you might have more options when it comes time to pick your ship date. This is because there are usually fewer cars being moved during the winter months. Shipping can be faster even though there are fewer transport vehicles and dangerous conditions that can slow down the process. Because some people wait until warmer months to ship, there may be more space on carriers and those carriers may need to make fewer stops.

Preparing your car for shipping by the season

It's important to be punctual when you prepare your vehicle for transport, especially if it's being transported in an open carrier or you are expecting extreme weather. Preparing your car to be transported across the country in an open carrier means cleaning it and emptying it. Next, you will inspect the car from bumper to bumper. You should also take into account the weather conditions at your destination. You must prepare your car for the journey by filling up your engine coolant, charging your AC, and putting on snow tires. Sometimes, it is necessary to wrap your car in order to transport.

Be flexible

It can be stressful not knowing when your car will ship. However, it is less stressful if you are familiar with the details of the auto transportation industry. You won't be stressed if you take your time choosing a transport company, and are prepared to hand over and receive your car in a certain time frame (rather than on a specific date). With the knowledge that your car will eventually get there, you can concentrate on your move.