Posted on 11/23/22

Which Is Better To Ship A Car My Furniture Mover Or A Car Shipping Company

Which Is Better To Ship A Car My Furniture Mover Or A Car Shipping Company

People used to move cars by hand in the past. Although auto shipping companies are available today, people still have to decide whether to use a shipper instead of a mover. Every situation is unique and requires a different approach. You need to decide if you prefer an auto transport company, or a furniture moving company for your particular situation.

Hire a Furniture Mover

Furniture movers can ship any type of item, not just furniture. Special items such as cars can be shipped by them upon request. Problem is, movers don't specialize as auto shippers. They aren't as reliable and safe with vehicles as professional shippers.

Many movers don't have the equipment necessary to transport full-length vehicles. The movers must securely secure the vehicle and place cushions between the items. Additional fees may be required to purchase a second truck or trailer. Even with all these precautions, there is still the possibility of causing damage during your trip.

Furniture movers, however, are more flexible in their handling of the vehicle. While they may allow personal items to be left inside, an auto shipper might not. A furniture mover is a better choice if you need a quick, simple, and inexpensive solution to shipping.

Hiring an auto shipper

An advantage to hiring an auto shipping company is their preparedness. They are equipped with the correct moving trucks, trailers, and locks to transport and secure your car. They employ professional drivers with thousands of miles of driving experience across the country.

An auto shipper can provide comprehensive insurance coverage, which is why it is better than a furniture mover. There are potential damages that could occur during loading, transportation and unloading of the vehicle. Every policy is unique, so customers should carefully read and comprehend the terms. Check if your vehicle is already covered for shipping.

Moving a vehicle is easier with the help of an auto transport company. You can also hire a moving company to transport your vehicle and other personal items. Problem is, movers are not trained to ship cars. You can save time and money by not needing to search for shippers. The final decision will be based on your needs, not on customer reviews or costs.