Posted on 07/04/22

Which Are The Best Places To Move In Hawaii

Which Are The Best Places To Move In Hawaii

You're making everyone jealous if you are thinking of moving to Hawaii. If you're looking for help choosing the best place to live in Hawaii, this is the place for you. Continue scrolling to learn about the top 10 places to relocate to Hawaii.

The best places to relocate to Hawaii

Hawaii is made up of eight islands. Hawai'i is the largest island and home to 190,000. Other beautiful islands in the state include:

  • Kaho`olawe
  • Kaua`i
  • Lana`i
  • Maui
  • Moloka`i
  • Ni`ihau
  • O`ahu

The state is well-known for being one the most expensive places to live. Despite this, there are many tradeoffs.

Why? It's one the most beautiful places on Earth. These places are great for anyone looking for an affordable place to live or a more luxurious lifestyle.

East Honolulu

Island: O`ahu
Known as The most livable area in Hawaii

Hawaii is one the most beautiful places on earth. East Honolulu is a great place to call home if you are looking for the best budget-friendly option. states that East Honolulu is the most livable state. This is due to a low crime rate, high graduation rates, and a strong housing market. Overall, Honolulu has been a lively city that is on many people's bucket lists.


Maui: Island
Known as The best place in Hawaii to retire

Kula, located on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Hawaii is well-known for its close-knit community and charming charm.

Kula is a hotspot for snowbirds and people looking to retire in Hawaii. It's a place where you can find peace of mind, but it's also a great spot for anyone looking to move to Hawaii.

This town also has excellent schools, making it a great place to raise your family. This remote community may not be the best choice if your children are interested in extracurricular activities and other entertainment.

Scroll down to find another amazing place to live in Maui.


Maui: Island
is known for being: The best place to live in Hawaii

Lahaina, one of the most populated communities on Maui, is full of beautiful beaches, rolling green hills, and lots smiling faces.

This area is a popular tourist destination, but it's also a favorite of locals due to its unique Hawaiian cuisine and culture.

Mililani Town

Island: O`ahu
Well-known for being: The best area to live in Hawaii with families

Mililani, a small town on Oahu northeast of Honolulu is called. Hawaii is known as one of the most costly states. It also has the highest childcare costs. Hawaii is a wonderful place to live if you have the means to move there with your family.

We'll be recommending many times that Mililani Town, which is one of the most happiest areas in the islands, can be afforded if you have the means to make it work. It is also one of the best places to start a family.


Island: Kaua`i
Well-known for being: The most secure place to live in Hawaii

Makaweli has one of the lowest rates of crime, despite having a very low population. You will enjoy a quiet, peaceful and safe environment that is ideal for raising a family.


Island: Kaua`i
is known for being: The most beautiful area to live in Hawaii

Princeville is simply stunning. It has beautiful views everywhere you look, great public schools and diverse residents.

Because it's so close to beautiful spots like Queen's Bath or Hanalei Pier, it's also home to a growing community of condo-style apartments and vacation homes. You'll be astonished at the beauty of Princeville and wonder why so many people don't want to go.


Island: Kaua`i
It is known for being the best place to live in Hawaii, especially for millennials

Waipahu is Hawaii's postal city. You'll feel as though you are in another world when you visit Honolulu’s Waikele area.

The small community of Waikele has quickly become a favorite spot to live in Hawaii, especially among millennials. It is also one of the best places in Hawaii to raise a family. You'll wonder why you ever lived elsewhere when you see Waikele’s beautiful parks, golf courses, and sunset-viewing spots.

Are you starting to see the picture? Hawaii is a paradise of incredible wildlife, breathtaking sights, and unique culture.

Moving to Hawaii?

There are many decisions to be made if your family is planning on shipping to Hawaii.

These are the topics that you will likely need advice about when moving to Hawaii.

1. Choose an island

Once you have made these decisions, it will be possible to calculate your housing costs.

Your cost-of-living in the US will be much higher regardless of what price range or income level you are looking at. When setting your budget, decide where and how much you want to live.

2. Decide whether you are going to move furniture

Moving your stuff is the next step that can be a major hurdle when moving to Hawaii.

It can be daunting to pack everything and send it to Hawaii. Look for the same accolades when searching for companies to move your furniture, boxes, and other valuable items. Moving all your furniture can be a costly expense, not unlike moving your car.

Pack as you would for vacation. In this instance, less is more.

3. Hawaii car shipping

If you're moving to Hawaii, you will most likely need a vehicle. Shipping a vehicle to Hawaii is easier than most people think.

It is important to find a vehicle transport business that has extensive experience shipping cars to and fro the Hawaiian islands. You can do a quick Google search to find car shipping experience or ask your friends. This could help you locate other people who have had experience shipping cars.

Companies without reviews or a lot of negative feedback should be avoided.

Shipping costs to Hawaii

Book your Hawaii car shipping quote. Our online calculator will give you an instant price quote. You can also book your order and get a confirmation email.

Book with the best car shipping companies when you are ready to ship your vehicle. You can reach one of our car shipping specialists via live chat or by phone if you have any questions. We are here to assist you with your Hawaii move!