Posted on 11/16/21

Where Have All The Good People Gone

Where Have All The Good People Gone

Where have all the good people gone?

In my "Have We Grow Again!" post, I commented on the recent period of high growth at Move Car. I stated in that post that the primary goal of a successful growth strategy is to ensure that you have enough resources to support customer service across all departments. Also, ensure you have enough staff to manage the workload. You can bring in new people to train your staff if you don't have enough. In our efforts to make this happen, I learned that it is difficult to hire quality people in today's workplace climate. Here's why.

People want jobs to be

Is anyone still reading Sunday classifieds? People, associate job searching with posting their resume online through various social media channels. They expect employers to reach out to them or work with recruiters. This means that companies seeking to hire are now fully engaged in recruiting. It's more than just scheduling interviews. It involves actually finding candidates, not candidates finding them.

Interviewing is more than just doing the job.

It's true. Companies believe they hold all the cards and make the decisions. It is impossible to be more wrong. Your appearance, demeanor, and tone are all factors that the candidate will be evaluating and making decisions about you. Interviewing candidates is often a sign of how you will treat them as employees.

Interviewing is not a process of recruitment, but rather a sales one. It is important to show candidates why they are the best candidate for the job and highlight their strengths. Move Car is proud to share our reputation as a company that provides superior service. This gives us an advantage over other companies in our industry and lets candidates know that we care about their feelings. The employer must put in the effort and work to prove the concept to the candidate. You must be prepared to "wow” them, just as you expect them to "wow".

Choices people, choices:

It is difficult to find a good candidate. Candidates that you consider reliable, hardworking, trustworthy, etc., are often overlooked. Competitors may also identify them as such for the same reasons. The best candidates are able to have multiple opportunities at once, as the results show. It is best to assume that everyone you identify as a qualified candidate has another offer, regardless of whether they are employed or not. Once a target is identified as worthy of an offer, it is best to quickly make an offer.

There's no need for good people to be left:

Let me tell you a little secret. This is a fabrication. There are many good people. These people are looking for work that will reward them as employees, provide them with the opportunity to learn and grow, and offer them opportunities to teach others. It might not be the candidate who has the most experience, or who graduated from the most prestigious university. But it is the person who is willing and able to work hard and learn.

Remember that people are imperfect and it is possible to spend months trying to find the perfect person. You should instead be looking for people who can work well within your company and are willing to learn in any area that you may need. The wrong approach to hiring will result in a lot of vacant positions or employees who don't fit the bill.

There are many good people out there. However, in today's world, it takes effort to find them.