Posted on 01/10/23

When Will I Know That My Car Transport Has Been Confirmed

When Will I Know That My Car Transport Has Been Confirmed

Customers will often request car transport quotations weeks or months in advance, hoping to "lockdown" a specific schedule and a guaranteed price. This makes sense. It makes sense, especially when you are planning a cross-country move. Auto transports are different from bus schedules and other forms of transit which have regular, reliable daily or weekly schedules. It is impossible to control the timing of car transportation so that you can guarantee a set schedule in advance. It doesn't matter how much notice your broker gives you to arrange your transport.

Book your transport

After you have chosen a car shipping company and decided on the type of transport and services you want, you will need to book your transport. This typically involves completing a booking form and paying a deposit or upfront fee.

Wait for confirmation

After you have booked your transport, you will typically receive a confirmation email or letter from the car shipping company. This confirmation should include details such as the pickup and delivery dates and locations, the type of transport, and any special requests or instructions.

Confirm pickup

Before the pickup date, it is important to confirm the pickup details with the car shipping company. This may include providing your contact information, the car's location, and any special instructions.

Prepare your car

Before the pickup date, make sure to prepare your car for transport. This may include removing any personal items from the car, making sure it is in good working condition, and filling up the gas tank.

Wait for pickup

On the pickup date, wait for the car shipping company to arrive and pick up your car. Be sure to have the keys and any necessary documents ready to hand over to the driver.

It is all due to the temporary nature of car-to-door customers. Buses have a well-timed schedule from stop to stop and station to station. Car carriers operate out of local hubs, unlike buses. Every car transport route is unique, as are the customers it serves. To have a master schedule, it wouldn't make economic sense to keep a fleet of cars empty from one stop to the next across the country. Every car transport schedule must include a full truckload from the same area to the same destination in the same week. There is no guarantee that a pick-up time will be available months ahead of schedules and routes. Car transport schedules are constantly changing.

Your schedule will be confirmed within the week of your "First available for pick-up" date. Most often, this is within 24-48 hours. This date is only an estimate. Traffic, road construction, and other factors can affect the timing of your pick-up. Your broker will try to make you feel comfortable, and your driver will give you the exact timing you prefer. However, it is reasonable to be flexible. Although we understand that you need to manage your work schedule and try to catch a flight, there is no way to predict when a driver will arrive.

If you have any questions regarding the booking of car transportation, please call us.