Posted on 08/16/22

When To Ship Your Vehicle And When To Have It Tow

When To Ship Your Vehicle And When To Have It Tow

Shipping a car is more expensive than having it tow.

The overall cost of transporting your car is an important factor to consider. It is important to be as economical as possible but still receive the best service. Planning and comparison shopping will help you find the best transport service for your car. You might still consider shipping your car rather than having it tow.

If you plan ahead and can transport your car more than one to two dozen miles, it will cost you less to ship with an auto transport service. If you need to move your car immediately, such as when it breaks down while you were driving it, getting it towed is an option. Even if your car isn't in working order and you don't need it to be moved immediately, most car shipping companies will still ship the vehicle.

Shipping a car to be shipped is generally cheaper than towing it the same distance. This is due to both availability and demand. It will usually be shipped along with six to ten other vehicles when you ship your vehicle. Shipping costs are split between multiple customers. This means that you can save money. You will also save money if you book your car shipment at least 2 weeks in advance. This is because a carrier will be available for you to pick up your vehicle the same day.

Each notice is required

An auto transport company can ship your vehicle as long as you give at most a week's notice prior to the day you need it picked up. To ensure you get the best pickup and delivery times, it is recommended to give at least four weeks' notice to an auto transport company.

Although towing companies are always able to pick up your car with minimal notice, the cost will skyrocket. The cost of having your car shipped with a local company can easily exceed the cost of having it picked up by a tow company.

Here are some tips to help you ship your car successfully

There are many things you can do beyond comparing prices and giving your auto transport company several weeks notice. These include proper preparation, shipping dates, and other details.

There are only a few steps that you need to do in order to prepare your vehicle for shipment. First, go through your vehicle and get rid of any personal items like jewelry, phone chargers, or gloves. In the rare event that these items are damaged or lost during shipping, the auto transport insurance will not cover them. Also, it is highly recommended that your car be washed at least a day before your pickup time. This will enable you, the auto transport driver, to quickly and easily inspect the exterior of your vehicle for any damage. It will take longer to clean your car if it is dirty and this can slow down the delivery of your shipment.

If possible, ship your car at a time when there is less traffic. This will allow you to save money and may result in a shorter transit time. Do your best to make your schedule flexible so that you are available for pickup and drop-off. To exchange keys and sign the bill, you will need to be there. These times can take up to two to three days so make sure you plan ahead. Also, have someone trustworthy to hold your hand if something happens. They must be at least 18 years old and possess a valid driver’s license.


It is better to ship your car than have it tow. Shipping will save you money in almost all cases. You should give at least two weeks notice to an auto transport company if you decide to ship your car. To ensure the best possible pickup and drop-off times, give them at least two to four weeks notice. Towing is the best option if your vehicle has an unexpected problem. It must be towable immediately. Move Car Auto Transport can ship your car anywhere in the world, whether it is running or not. Get a quote for free by clicking here, or calling us.