Posted on 05/21/21

Whats The Cheapest Way To Ship My Car

Whats The Cheapest Way To Ship My Car

This blog post aims to arm you with enough information to constantly find ways to save your money when you are shipping your vehicle, no matter what your budget and situation. Move Car also helps you succeed in your cause by providing an affordable service and a quality one.

Why do You need to Ship Your Car Using Some Car Shipping Service?

It is a general observation that the vehicle is one of the most important possessions that you own. Thereby, choosing a car shipping company is also one of the most important decisions that you make. Here we are enlisting a few incredible benefits of using a car shipping service.

1. Reducing Damage Risk

You all must prefer looking for professionals to transport the vehicle to reach in the same condition once it reaches your destination. Thereby, a professional car shipping service like Move Car will use high-quality tools and equipment to safely transport your vehicle without any possible risk of damage and danger.

2. Stay Stress-Free

You would know how much time and energy it requires to transport your vehicle to some other location. Thereby, leaving it to a reliable car shipping company, you can stay stress-free. You can hire Move Car's professional service for your task of car shipping. Furthermore, here also adds another benefit, and that is the mileage that you will save. Isn't it amazing?

3. Avoid Injuries

It becomes difficult for you to avoid an accident when driving on a long-distance and spending several hours on the road each day. However, you do not need to worry about safety when you are spending time behind the wheel. You leave the transportation to us a professional company available for you. Consequently, hiring a professional shipper will easily allow you to avoid all the possible accidents. Moreover, we will also protect your overall well-being.

Classic Ways to Transport Your Car

The first thing that may cross your mind when you think about moving your car from one place to another would be to get in and drive yourself. However, this is not when you need to ship your vehicle to a long-distance or even overseas. Thereby, you will probably look for other options and ways to ship your car. The options may vary from hiring professional auto transport services to hiring some local driver. Similarly, prices may also vary depending upon the type of services that you use. Before looking for those ways that are the cheapest for shipping your car, we first analyze the different ways to do so. Thereby, we enlist those possible ways here below.

1. Open Transport

Open transport is one of the most popular ways to transport your car. Additionally, most commercial car shippers put your car on an open-air trailer similar to those you would see being used for new vehicles. It would be best if you did not forget to ask them detailed questions about how they will transport your car.

2. Enclosed Transport

However, there also comes a weather factor that you need to keep in your focus. If you are concerned about the weather effect on your vehicle, then you might consider choosing the option of transporting your car using an enclosed transportation service. Although it is relatively expensive, it might be worth it if you transport your new high-end vehicle or transport it in the middle of cold temperatures.

3. Professional Driver Service

If you do not mind adding extra miles, you must consider using a driver that is provided by a professional service. Such professionalism you can find from Move Car service. It can be a good choice for you to hire a professional driver for shorter distances.

4. Non-Professional Driver Service

At the same time, if you do not have enough money and want to transport your vehicle anyhow, you can hire someone trustworthy or whom you might know personally. However, it is a bit risky, and you need to make sure that your insurance covers any accidents, etc., when someone else is driving.

5. Cargo Container  

If you need to ship your vehicle overseas, then the option is via cargo container. For such a purpose, different sizes of containers are used. Thereby, you will need to look for a company providing international auto transportation.

Cheap Car Shipping Tips When Hiring Auto Transportation Company

Here are a few tips that would help you make an affordable way possible to ship your car.

1. Multiple Quotes

You should at least get 2-3 quotes whether you call auto transport or carriers directly to get their rates. You can get started by getting an instant quote from Move Car. Additionally, getting multiple quotes may help you to get an idea of the market shipping price and help you to find a cheap car shipping company when you are in case working with a tight budget.

2. Prefer an Open Transport Carrier Over an Enclosed Transport Carrier

You would be aware that the vast majority of carriers today on the road have open trailers. Move Car also offers you with open car transport service alongside. Choosing an open car transportation service for shipping your car can be the cheapest way to save you from spending a

lot of money. However, Move Car also ensures you swift and safe delivery along with affordable rates. The average shipping rate for an enclosed transport is comparatively more than an open transport carrier. Thereby, if you want to ship your car cheaply, you should always go with an open transport carrier option.

3. Ship in The Off-Season

Additionally, you must know the busiest months of the year in the auto transport industry are June – August. On the other hand, the slowest months are December – February. Thereby, if you want to have a cheap car shipping experience, you should do it during these quiet months. The shipping rates you would pay in January will be much lower than those you would pay in July.

These were a few tips that may help you to choose a cheap way to ship your car. We hope that it would help you. Moreover, we believe that hiring a Move Car shipping service can be the best option for you if you want to ship your car safely and sound with the least time and effort on your part.