Posted on 05/30/22

Whats New In The Infrastructure And Jobs Act

Whats New In The Infrastructure And Jobs Act

It's been six months since Congress passed Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. Now funding is available to address infrastructure needs across the country. This comprehensive legislation was passed in November 2021. It is designed to repair roads and bridges, improve coastal ports and inland ports, encourage electric vehicle access, and many other things.

This is what has been happening in the legislative world lately.

Bridges, ports, and highways

At the heart of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is funding for roads and bridges--approximately $110 billion earmarked specifically for maintenance and repair efforts across the country. It is vital that roads and bridges remain open and safe with over three million trucks traveling the US each day.

Many states and municipalities seek grants to help repair bridges, improve roads, or expand highways to make those funds more useful. Communities can apply for funding through the Safe Streets and Roads for All discretionary grants program to improve street safety. For example, officials in Arizona have applied for grant funding of $300 million to expand Interstate 10.

Our country's ports, both inland and coastal, are becoming more important for the efficient transportation of goods and material from around the globe. The legislation provides $17 billion for funding ports and waterways. Prioritization is given to necessary improvements and backlog projects, as well as modernization strategies that reduce congestion and emission. For improvements to the deepwater shipping facility in Alabama, the Port of Mobile was awarded $300 million. Corn Belt Ports was awarded $1.2 billion for improvements to locks and dams along the Mississippi River.

Electric Vehicles

The need to combat climate change remains a major focus of the Biden administration. They plan to increase battery production to support the usage of electric vehicles (also known as EVs) throughout the United States. Two critical steps towards reducing air pollution and reducing emissions are increasing the availability of lithium batteries and ensuring that charging stations can be easily accessed.

The Department of Energy announced that they will provide funding of nearly $3 billion for battery materials, manufacturing facilities, recycling facilities, research and development programs, and battery materials. In March, the Biden administration announced that it would invoke the 1950 Defense Production Act in order to boost domestic battery production in the hope of halting the current supply chain crisis and vehicle shortage.

Commercial Drivers

The infrastructure legislation required that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration create the Safe Driver Apprenticeship Pilot program in response to an apparent shortage of drivers. The program is three years long and allows drivers aged 18 to 20 to start their interstate driving careers.

Many states allow qualified 18-to-20-year-olds to drive intrastate or within their state commercially. However, drivers must be at least 21 years old to obtain an interstate commercial driver's license that allows them to travel across state lines. Although applications are still closed for this pilot program, it is expected that the pilot will help to bring in new drivers to the industry to offset the combined effects from worker shortages and supply chain holdups as well as shipping delays.

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